Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Don't Understand the Problem

Does anyone remember how I blogged about my new driveway all last summer?  I was rather single-minded back then.  Everybody wanted me to move on and write about something else, but I just couldn't.  I was so over-the-moon excited about freshly poured concrete.

People don't change.

So back to my new Buy/Sell obsession.  Everything I 've posted on our local site has pretty much been bought within hours.  Yet for some unfathomable reason, the toddler-mom community is eschewing this priceless wonder:

I KNOW.  Why?  Don't they remember Land of the Lost?  Where is their sense of nostalgia?   

I'm not giving up.  There's gotta be some sicko mother in my neighborhood who could use a little fear-mongering to get her kids to fly right. 

If not, I'm saving this.  It might come in handy with the grandchildren.


  1. I was Po'd when the wife gave someone our Buzz Lightyear.

  2. I would save it for the grandchildren. Then you can warp two generations with the same teratogenic device. But even more amazed will be the psychiatrist several years from now who uncovers his patients common creepy creature phobia.

  3. marianne the only reason I am not buying it is because I already have it. In red. And turquoise.


  4. LQQks like, sounds like, it is our Dad, threatening us to go to bed for the evening.

  5. Maplewood - I might have a Buzz somewhere around here if you're interested.

    esbboston - Ha!I'm going to be making the entire psychiatric profession very rich one day!

    MOV - You TOO??

    SF - You're not kidding!