Thursday, January 19, 2012

I Didn't Know There Was Going to Be Homework

I really would have appreciated someone giving me the head's up on all the reading assignments for Weight Watchers:

There are even stickers and calculators for computing things. Math. They've got math at Weight Watchers. Who knew and didn't tell me?

This is all starting to feel like my freshmen year in college where I signed up for a bunch of classes that weren't anything like I expected.  I thought Life Science was going to be about bringing dead people back from the grave.  Instead, I had an entire semester on stupid plants and their stupid Latin names.

So anyway, be sure to click here for my Chicago Parent Magazine explanation on why I'm reading all this crap instead of People Magazine.


  1. Ha my sister put honey on her peas once when we were both young - she didn't take to it so it mustn't be very nice. Would you be allowed to put chocolate on your veg as long as it was before lunch?

  2. What it comes down to is.. when you feel like every food you ever loved is gone, when you feel used up; when you feel like like absolute crap... you know you're accomplishing something...sort of like being a city worker lol

  3. Great essay! Loved it! At least you don't have to buy an extra airline ticket for your really big ego (I'm talking to you, Old College Boyfriend!). Once I was at a restaurant by myself and briefly considered asking for an extra chair for My Self-Esteem, but then My Self-Esteem stood up and walked out of the restaurant as soon as I received pitying looks from other diners (that I was alone), so that was that.


  4. I think all the reading is to distract you from things like cheese puffs. I really need to go to the library. Oh, and I'm out of cheese puffs.

    Good for you, joining weight watchers! I have some friends who did it and they found that the meetings and weigh ins helped them keep on track. Go Marianne!

  5. Julie - I think the chocolate option would take me over my point limit by 9 am. Though I can't say for sure, because I can't figure out this damn calculator they gave me!!

    Maplewood - City worker, indeed! Now why doesn't the Tribune write a story about how all the greedy Weight Watchers ladies are hell-bent on ruining the city? Then I would REALLY feel like a city worker. Everyone needs a villain, I suppose. But you guys are the BEST!

    MOV - Isn't it funny how things change? Back in the day, I thought eating alone at a restaurant was really sad. Now I call it heaven.

    Skwishee - Thanks! If I ever get anywhere near my goal weight, I'll post some pics. And if I don't, you'll all just have to imagine my really sad, droopy stomach and tush.

  6. I did weight watchers back in the day and believe it or not after a while all the calculations become second nature, you will start to see points values instead of packages in the grocery store, you start feeling like Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man. I was very successful on it so I think it is a great program.