Monday, January 16, 2012

Lenny Triumphs

After a near record-setting absence of snow here in Chicago courtesy of Bad Luck Lenny (who bought a snow blower in November and mistakenly shared the news with all who would listen, click here for story), the gods finally smiled upon our unfortunate pal.  The season's extremely late inaugural snowstorm blew into the city dumping about 6 inches across the area:

Lenny, happy to finally put his blower to good use, decided to snow-blow the entire city block.  Both sides.  Then he turned the corner and started west on 115th.

Last we saw, Lenny was working his way north on Kedzie Avenue.

If anyone spots him, please call 1-800-FIND-LENNY.


  1. Soon people will be wearing 'I love Lenny' t-shirts and his whole life will change...

  2. You know, I thought of Lenny on Friday when we got our first big dump (which is almost completely gone already).

  3. I just saw him with the flower guy on Pulaski.

  4. What a great guy! Every neighborhood should be so lucky.

  5. Julie - Ha Ha! That would be awesome!

    Skiwishee - It all melted here but 4" expected within the next day. Thanks for thinking of Lenny!

    Maplewood - I love that flower guy. I want to take him home and give him soup.

    SF - We're not sharing him! Get your own Lenny!