Friday, January 13, 2012

My Addiction Takes Hold

I am having such a hard time focusing on the blog as this local Buy/Sell site has taken over my life.

At first, I was getting rid of a lot of clutter and outgrown toys in a fast and efficient manner. With less stuff, I suddenly had a path in my basement. I was earning a few bucks.

But then I started looking at what other mothers were posting. That was a mistake. First, I got this:

It's like $20 new at Crate & Barrel...I got it for $5.

And that's just the beginning. I had a nice pick-up with Fruit Basket mom who was happy to hand over her never-used wedding gift. Fruit Basket Dad just shook his head, which seems to be the common reaction of most husbands during drop-offs and pick-ups. They don't get it.

Or do they? As I sat next to my husband in the minivan, admiring my new purchase, Fruit Basket Dad called out to my husband as we drove away:

See ya soon. I'll probably be by your house next week picking up something or another.

From his lips to God's ears...

I've really got my eye on this over-the-door towel holder a Mt. Greenwood mom is selling. I just need to earn like $2 more to break even.


  1. I am sooo mad!!! Jimmy was peering over my shoulder one day as I was browsing on the b/s site, and he said "wouldn't mind you buying all this fruit if you had that on the counter" and YOU have it!!! argh!!! buy they way, please tell your husband we got $1.00 off/ gallon last night!!

  2. Will's Mom - I mean I'm like 3 days behind on LAUNDRY because of this. Who needs meth when you can sell old Barney toys???

    Kristi - Oh no. I'm so sorry. But I got to say...I LOVE that basket and Jack's got the runs because of all the apples he's been eating. oops. I'll tell Joe about the gas! Thanks!