Thursday, January 5, 2012

Advice Needed

I currently have hundreds of smiling images of beautiful children taped to my refrigerator.  Over the course of my life, I have never been able to throw away holiday photo cards.  These are my friends' children!  I've known many of them since they were born.  But I've run out of room in albums, boxes, and files and now I'm stuck.

So I ask you: What's the current thinking on holiday photo cards?  Please complete the survey on the sidebar, and if you select "other," please comment and tell me what you do.  Thank you.


The Management


  1. hi marianne,

    I keep some of the photo cards. Some, not all. Most cards are tossed. Really, who has room for all this stuff? I saw on TV the other day that even Candy Spelling is downsizing. I could totally relate to this because when we lived in our 63-bedroom mansion, it felt a bit large at times.


  2. I love getting the cards, still, I'd like to see the parents,of the kids on them as well. Some do, some don't, i.e., include themselves in the photo's...anyway, the coffee is kicking in and I'm suggestion (Marianne is thinking, cripes just end your post already and give me your suggestion not a dissertation on the meaning of life) is to scan them, put them on a cd or dvd and add some music. Movie Maker is incredibly easy to use or make a power point where you can be more creative. Aren't you glad I was quick and to the point Marianne?

  3. Sometimes there are days when sorting, dusting and cleaning under, around and over stuff becomes a bigger heartache than chucking the stuff has to be one of those days that I do it though, otherwise I regret it.

  4. I have the same problem! They arrive, I put them on the fridge where they stay for a year or more - and then one day I remember "These people NEVER talk to me, haven't seen them in months, their newborn is 3 now..." and I start to throw the pic away. Then I feel guilty because I'd be pissy if they threw a pic of my cute kids away, and the pics go into a drawer filled with random crap. In 10 years, I'll have no freaking clue whose kids are in the pics, but I can't bring myself to trash them! Great topic!

  5. Albums, but can you take pictures of the pictures, say like a pic of your fridge with all of 2011's cards on it? If they are the mass produced cards, can you slice off the holiday greeting end to safe space?

  6. Your refrigerator is covered with pictures of people A,B,C, ..., Z.

    Replace an older version of picture of [A:Z] with a newer version.

    Go for "really" cute if there is a choice.

    There were pictures on the front of the frig in our old house. They are still there. But when we moved next door for some reason we never put any pictures on the frig at the newer house. (I have two ~small houses)

  7. I save them too....and would love to have some ideas of what to actually DO with them!

  8. I have a 12x12 Christmas scrapbook album I put the photos in. I date the top of the page with the year. I don't make it fancy either. I put stickers here and there but's that about it. I also write the names and how I know the people. I love seeing how everyone changes over time.

  9. I buy small albums every year and put the pictures in them. The albums I buy are very thin and take up very little space. We love looking at them year after year.

  10. pitch all the pictures except for the ones of my children (your favorite nieces and nephews)
    :) Missy

  11. I keep them for the year and then when the new ones come I replace them. If said family only does a photo card every couple of years (like mine), I keep it until the next new one comes

  12. I throw them out especially if we are not really close to the family represented.

  13. MOV - I'm still wating for my "gift wrapping" and "doll" room. That Candy...

    Maplewood - You can go on as long as you like - you're MAPLEWOOD! I'm thinking of the scanning option...

    Julie - I need to be in one of those moods SOON!

    Jen - I hate guilt. And I feel guilty for saying that. It's why I can't throw things away!

    Kyooty - Oooooh - one picture of all the photos. Genius!!

    esbboston - now I want two small houses. Way cooler.

    Tracie - I'm really liking either scanning them or taking one picture of all the pictures. Less clutter = good.

    Elizabeth & Anonymous - that's what I was doing, but I'm running out of room. My husband has more friends than a dying millionaire.

    Missy - Of course I keep nieces & nephews - that's a given!

    Erica - it's the tossing into the garbage that's my biggest problem. It's like I'm throwing away children. ):

    Anonymous - Yeah - I have an easier time with the people I don't even recognize. Less guilt.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions!!!