Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Gambling Again

Alright, gang.  Chicago Parent is letting me down by not posting my essay until later today (and you know I'm neurotic and plan a new post every day by noon).  So I got nothin'.

But then I remembered my across-the-street neighbor Holly and her awesome new blog, Glitter on the Side.

We've got a little side-bet that she'll have 50 followers within a month.  A bottle of wine is in this for me, so please have a read and consider following!  She's had quite the amazing journey.

Glitter on the Side


  1. Not only am I a follower, but I also linked her on my sidebar. Now getting back to the really, really important issues....i.e., who gets top billing on my link list (you or Holly)? and how big a bottle of wine? Remember Jim the RV guy once told me, Never, Never, Ever buy the small bottle of wine.

  2. Maplewood - Fine form! did notice Holly was linked first. I'm not taking it personally. She does have 5 kids, which in my mind, puts her first in most lines. Thank you and I'm stocking up on big bottles of Cab.

  3. I feel so cheap...I only have 6 followers...waaaaaa. But they're the 6 most brilliant people in the world and universe.

  4. Maplewood - you've got the BEST readers...EVER!