Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Have You Signed Up Yet?

The ladies over at Mother of Brothers Blog, Southern Fried Chicken, Just Inappropriate, and I are so freaking excited over the wonderful response to our Leap Blog Day event coming February 29th.  In case you missed it, the gals and I decided to take the blogosphere by storm and invent our own celebration of other writers.  It's a chance to highlight all the wonderful voices out there who want to be heard.

The rules:
  • Sign your blog up on this page (click link and see chart at bottom)
  • Check out the blogs listed.  Read them for a while.  Find someone you enjoy  
  • Select someone to do a guest post (I suppose a deadline is in order, how about by February 15?).  Contact the blogger with whatever parameters you hold dear (topic, word count, minimum or maximum swear words preferred, etc.)
If you are selected to guest post, consider it an honor and have fun!  Although for the record, several of the sponsors have expressed nervousness over being asked to do essays on various topics, including:
  • Cooking
  • Scrapbooking
  • Jesus
  • Being thoughtful parents
Not to say that we're godless, artless freaks who only use the microwave, but we do have a strong sense of our individual strengths and weaknesses.  I, for one, will be unable to write anything on braiding hair or how to open a bottle of wine with one of those fancy-schmansy electronic openers.  I use my teeth.

Be the Frog.

Be sure to check out our awesome crew of adventurers:


  1. Great. You just took cooking, scrapbooking, Jesus, and being thoughtful parents away from me. What the hell does that leave me with? Oh, yeah-- swearing, chocolate, alcohol, and Target. Life is good.


  2. Cooking, scrap booking, Jesus and being thoughtful parents?
    Once upon a time Joseph was teaching Jesus how to cook elephant pancakes, Mary took pictures and put them in a scrap book. - easy!

  3. This sounds really, really complicated...It's late, I'm off the next two, I think I'll have a beer (really, I only had two) and call Jim, the RV guy, and ask his advice.