Saturday, December 31, 2011

Amy Chua, Where are You?

Whether you love her or hate her, I find Amy Chua (Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) fascinating.  I think I was the only mom who stuck up for her at book club. 

In honor of Amy's approach to raising disciplined and focused kids, I tried using her threat of burning all the kids' stuffed animals if they didn't play a song perfectly.  Jack has been struggling with a piece for weeks and he never remembers to play the staccato notes correctly.

Unfortunately, when I employed Amy's threats, my kids laughed at me.  Repeatedly.  I tried to prove my point by getting out the matches.  That just resulted in a fit of giggles.

I have got to email Amy to find out what I'm doing wrong.


  1. I read that book. I kept thinking, This mom does not seem that out there. I totally get the part where she made her kids re-draw a nice birthday card for her. I do not want a scribble that took two seconds when I plan THEIR parties for weeks and invite all their friends and spend a ton of money. No. I need a card that took 20 minutes.


  2. Boys don't LOVE stuffed animals, silly rabbit. Threaten to run over their DS's.

  3. Forget the matches;besides, boys have a tendency to run with new ideas. Remember Dad's impact statement.........straight to the garbage can where you have a clear view of the item's new residence.

  4. Oooh.. I too thought the birthday card thing was perfectly all right.

    "Dude, I spend every waking hour doing things for you, and all you can manage is a scribble on some construction paper? You may as well have given me toilet paper, because this is only fit to wipe my butt."

    Not that I've said that. I might when they're older though. It'll be a fun story to write about in their blogs when they're older.

  5. MOV - I'm with you. I've told the kids to add at least 5 more color or I refuse to accept it. An all-black card is tragic.

    Anonymous - That is GENIUS.

    SF - ha ha ha ha ha

    Skwishee - why wait? I'm using it now!