Friday, December 2, 2011

Sex, Politics, and Chicken

Joe was in search of a new fried chicken joint the other day.  I got him all set up on the computer and he used the keyword search "Great Chicago Chicken."  As I folded clothes in the other room, I was surprised to hear him roaring with laughter a few minutes later.  I didn't think chicken was that funny.

When I walked in, he pointed to the following menu entry on the screen:

President Obama 5 wings with fries (1) can pop $4.79 + tax

I was confused.  What was so funny about that?  Restaurants name specials after famous people all the time.  The president was from Chicago.  Maybe he even ate there sometime.

"Keep reading," Joe encouraged.

And then I saw it:

Michelle Obama 15 wings, fries (1) 2 liter pop $14.09 + tax

Oh.  Now that's just mean.  Way to make fun of a mom with a little extra weight on her. 

You men should try giving birth sometime and see how your bellies hold up.  Hmph.

The chicken, by the way, was fantastic.  And if you think I'm making this up, be sure to visit

I made Joe eat a salad for dinner.


  1. lol...this is the second time I've seen waffles being offered with wings. What's with that? There is a place on Halsted around 112th that offers waffles and chicken too. In fact I think that's the name of the place.

  2. Maybe they figure the president would hoard his wings all to himself while Michelle would generously share?

    Otherwise, that's just mean. :\

  3. Maplewood - perhaps there is some magic in this waffle & wing combo?

    Skiwshee - It would be like a mom to give away all her food. Let's go with that - it's nicer and I don't want to think of the chicken place as being "mean." It was way too good.