Thursday, December 15, 2011

Should Old Acqaintance be Forgot

I know I'm forgetful.  I'm convinced that half my memory was absorbed by my fetuses during pregnancy. I am that rare combination of person who can't remember names or faces. I tried introducing my husband once to someone, and I completely blanked.  I introduced him as "Jason" or "Jim." I should probably be on medication, but I know I'd never remember to take it.

Yet every year, our family receives a Christmas card with a picture of a child I have never seen.  I've queried my husband.  I've interrogated the boys.  The little girl remains an enigma.  When you consider that my husband and children have fine memories, I assume the child is of my acquaintance.  It's all rather upsetting as there is not the slightest hint of recognition on my part.

I just received the yearly mystery child photo again today, and I'm starting to wonder if this is a prank, or if the girl is truly a phantom.  Perhaps she is the daughter I was meant to have? 

Or maybe she is one of mine that I accidentally left at the park years ago?

Thank goodness I will forget all this unpleasantness by tomorrow.


  1. Send me a copy. Maybe I know who it is!

  2. I'd claim her, but I haven't known you that long. Although now I really want to send you anonymous pictures and updates about my children.

    The person who sends it doesn't sign it?

  3. to funny Marianne..

    O.T. had a post already to go til I viewed a video someone sent me...
    I should buy stock in kleenex if they keep making these videos lol

  4. Tracy - I'll email you!

    Skwishee - They sign it, but nobody recognizes the name. This has got to be a joke, right?

    Maplewood - LOVED that video, posted a link to it on FB. Thank you!