Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Something they don't tell you in that book:

You will be picking up tiny scraps of paper.  FOREVER.


  1. One of my sons collects those tiny scraps of paper, and when you try to throw them away he has a reason for why each one is significant. His room looks like your picture.

  2. I swear it's like we live in the same house. Ryan CANNOT draw a picture without cutting it out afterwards.

  3. I know. The daughter of my mother-in-law constantly leaves her empty blue sweetner paper containers on the bar in the kitchen instead of throwing them in the trash can a few feet away. I guess its an altitude thing, the trash can would require an eXtra one point five foot vertical drop.

  4. btw...I like the color of the carpet and think it's practicable for a family with kids.

  5. Gweenie - your son sounds like my Jack who insists he "needs" every bit I'm throwing away.

    Maplewood - Good eye! Oh glorious poo carpet.

    Ali - I've taken to hiding the scissors. Just an idea.

    esbboston - exactly. Lazy kids.

    Lily - Thanks!

    Kelly - Thanks, Charlie Brown. (;