Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brookfield Zoo Redux

After 7 years, I let my yearly membership to Brookfield Zoo lapse this May.  With all the boys in school, the days of spontaneously heading out with my gaggle of toddlers were over.  I could no longer pop in on a dime.   It would all have to be carefully orchestrated and planned well in advance. And I'm not a planner.

So when Joe's brother handed us a packet of zoo tickets and a free parking pass that he won at some charity event, we opted to check out the Holiday Lights Event last night.  With a laser light show, holiday music, and other special events, we figured what the hell.

Despite all the seasonal offerings and special attractions, my kids returned to their roots.  They watered the plants at the Hamill Play Area for 45 minutes:

They watched the dolphins for an hour:

And they climbed on the same lion statues they've been scaling their whole lives:

Oh well.  Joe and I enjoyed the lights.

If you're thinking of going, be sure to bundle up and check out the wonderful dancing of local area kids in the big tent area near the carousel.  Impressive!


  1. I'm really really sorry but the picture with the blue lights reminded me of a giant middle finger. I clearly need loads of psychological help.

  2. I hadn't thought of that. It's an optical illusion! Whoever you get to help you, can you pls. give them my name, too?