Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Thank you, Baby Jesus.

If it wasn't for You, I would not be the recipient of a non-stop stream of goodies arriving via back porch, front door, and US Postal Service.

I'm not going to go all "demure" and pretend I don't like presents.  I LOVE presents.  I don't even care what they are, as long as they're for me.  Presents make me super-duper excited.

Why, yes.  I'm actually 8 years old.

So here are the gifts that have arrived recently which are preventing a full-out descent into seasonal depression caused by 3 hours of sunlight a day:

A Standing Buck courtesy of Anonymous Back Porch Donor.  I think we're getting a subtle hint to throw up a few lights outside.

Mothers of Brothers Blogger's new book.  The laughs inside will keep you from crying.  At least for an hour or two.

Atheist-Friend gave me this picture, but the matting was damaged.  I just picked it up from Michael's over the weekend.  Good as new.  LOVE it.

Macy's ornament courtesy of (same?) anonymous back porch donor.  Sparkly.  Red.  Perfection.
An entire family of paper people courtesy of Jack.  He made my paper person very skinny.  Who needs Paxil?
Ok.  I bought this one myself, but Jack and I were on the hunt for the church for weeks.  We found one under a pile at Kohls marked clearance and I had a coupon.  Final cost = $12.  I think it was a pricing error.  Or a sign from the Savior that no holiday village is complete without a place of worship.

A poinsettia courtesy of Miniature-Friend.  I always mean to get one each year, but my history of murdering plants usually dissuades me.  So far, so good.
Fun new drinking coasters.  Or as my sons have christened them, "the new matching game."  
Awesome homemade cookies from Atheist-Friend with a divine chocolate dip.  They did not survive long enough to capture a  photo.  
I had been wanting a picture of the Beverly Breast Cancer walk for my entry last May.  John (future brother-in-law...no pressure) sent this last week.  I think it captures the day wonderfully.

A surprise $18.04 check from a class action settlement that I didn't know I was a part of.  Paid for the Kohls' church with enough money left over for a McDonald's peppermint mocha.
There you have it.  May your holiday season bring you many joys and surprise deliveries!  


  1. I received the same check. There is nothing better than free money.

  2. I think I need to move so that more people mail me things. There's nothing like opening the door to mail that's not a bill.

  3. I take back everything I said about your Grump. How was he after the Bears handed Denver a victory on a silver platter? At least the Blackhawks won.
    Regards, The original grump SF

  4. I love getting presents too. I pretend that I am all whatever but inside I am yes.

  5. Anonymous - Amen!

    Skwishee - Chicago would welcome you! And I'll drop off crazy sh*t!

    SF - Grumpy is at bowling, so he should be home and un-Grumpy in a couple of hours.

    Gweenbrick - YES! I just can't be blase about presents. They're PRESENTS!!!

  6. I had that picture once. It now hangs in Joe's house. I always pictured myself the graceful brunette in red. Nowadays I look like the maid holding the umbrella. I bet she has some tales to tell. :D

    Love you!


  7. wow-- you put my book again! thank you!! if I mail myself to chicago will I be mentioned in your blog again? I hope so! (and ps-- who can read a whole book in 2 hours? are you some sort of speed-reader freak that is setting the bar impossibly high for us mere mortals?!)


  8. My pleasure! Sorry, I'm a fast reader. As an undergraduate, I took 21 semester hours regularly and had to read really really fast to keep up. Bad thing - I often miss some of the nuances of language - see my sympathetic comments to Gweenbrick on his non-illustrated post. oooops.

  9. Meg - I ALWAYS felt like the maid, which is why I like the picture. (:

  10. I got that check too, and I THREW IT AWAY!!!!! AAAAAAaaahhhh! What's wrong with me? I didn't think it was real. Sh*t.

  11. No Way - THAT my friend, is a tragedy. I'm so sorry! You can have gotten like 9 peppermint mochas!