Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Delusion

I bought the Elliptical when I had hopes of losing the baby weight.

I transformed the Elliptical into the world's most expensive hanger within a year.

Do I dare try again?  Do I make another resolution only to fail?  And if I do get back on the proverbial horse, where will I hang all the "in-between" clothes (not quite clean, not quite dirty)?

Fat people problems, I know. 

"I see your cellulite.  And I know what size you wear, Fatty." 
The answer can be found in the last 15 Christmas cookies I ate.  It's time to touch my toes again...if they're still there.

But before I start, I've got a few Snickerdoodles to polish off.

Fair's fair.


  1. At my house we also have these "in-between" clothes that are not quite ready to go to the laundry because they could maybe be worn once more. We coined a new word, "mirty," which stands for mostly clean, somewhat dirty. The Husband will say, "Sweetie? these clothes on the chair? what's the deal-- are they mirty?" 99% of the time, yes they are mirty.

    As for your New Year's Evil-ution: go for it! I will be the one cheering you from the sidelines with a box of thin mint Girl Scout cookies (the cookies are for me, but I will share if your will power gets low).

    You rock.


  2. Just do it Marianne...but you have to want to. Maybe get a buddy to do it with you. The other day, I had to push myself out the door to go to the gym. I have good and bad days and yes,the stress that life, kids etc. bring affect our mood or promises to stay fit. Still, what works for me is IPOD music, seeing others at the gym in better or worse shape than me...and the feeling of accomplishment after a workout. Getting on that scale, seeing I lost some weight and/or fitting into that old pair of pants helps too. Go For It! BTW...Charter fitness is cheap, I'd stay away from L.A.

    I think I'll post today on the subject. I've done it in the past, i.e. posted on the blog regarding exercise. Good to the gym now :)

  3. I can relate. We have my treadmill folded up in my office/playroom. The most action it's gotten in two years is when the kids hide behind it and make a fort. Right now Handy Manny's toolbox is sitting back there waiting to be re-discovered.

  4. My husband bought some exercise equipment from the shopping channel once. We were promised that it would fold up and fit under our bed.

    He used it every day for about a week.

    Apparently, we have a non standard bed. Now, not only do we never get around to using it, but it stands around mocking us. At least I could fold it and stand it in a corner. It's basically a shelf, so it's where I keep my sewing basket.

  5. I have been begging for an oversized laundry holder! I swear this year is my year to be active. It was so much easier when the kids were in the stroller... I could just put them in & go... built in resistance! We can have a contest... but I do still have 2 boxes of Fannie Mays, and a few Cupid Candies to get through!!!

  6. I was going to post on exercise and resolutions but will do it perhaps tomorrow. Today 2 Chicago police officers died. One was murdered another I'm hearing had a heart attack. Both cases are tragic.

    Forgive me, but I'll post on the subject at a later time. But if I may add this, you will feel better if you start. Everyone should talk to their doctor first and begin slow. Take care everyone.

  7. Marianne

    I am willing to be one of your workout buddies.

    Will's Mom

  8. MOV - MIRTY. That's getting used! And thank you for cheering me on....I'm going to need it.

    Maplewood - I've gotten a couple of volunteers, so here's hoping. My one friend is uber-fit and excercises constantly, so I'm hoping she takes mercy on me and picks me up on her way to the gym.

    Ali - I'm too embarassed to tell you what my tread mill is being used for...

    Skwishee - well, at least it serves another purpose? What are we thinking when we order this stuff? Wait. Don't answer that.

    Kristi - Any time you want to come by, the Elliptical awaits. Joey will want to watch, though, he's got a thing for excercise equipment. But he loves you.

    Will's Mom - I know your schedule. You know my schedule. Trying to excercise together is like trying to get every member of the Rolling Stones sober at the same time. But if you want to give it a whirl....Or we can just pull these kids out of football, chess, basketball, music, blah blah blah....NO EXCUSES. I'm trying.

  9. I have a chocolate/almond treat in the fridge screaming to get out and get eaten.

  10. The Christmas pudding has taken it's toll on my muffin top. It's started to diminish a bit since I started no carbs after lunch again.

  11. Julie - I ate 3 eggs last night for dinner. The muffin top laughed at me.