Monday, December 5, 2011

I Really Like This Book

When I first became a blogger, I figured my readership would be limited to about 3 blood relatives.  As the weeks and months progressed, a few of my friends started reading along.  Then, out of nowhere, a bunch of unknown writers with their own blogs started following me and even left comments.  I was very confused.

After a while, I started getting it - the community aspect of blogging, that is.  You start reading about the interesting and funny stuff of strangers, and suddenly, they're not strangers anymore.  In a weird and uncharted manner, they become real friends.

I hope this isn't sounding creepy. 

Anyway, one of my blog friends sent me her new book - Mom's Had a Rough Day.  She did it not so that I would hype it (of course I will do that anyway because she's hilarious), but because we are actually living very similar and silly lives with boy-children.  We get Pokemon.  We curse Legos.  And, as she puts it, we both have secret code names for the perfect, Stepford-like children who sit and draw quietly: Girls

If you're interested in having a good laugh, you should check out her book.  If you're cheap and live near me, I'll lend you my copy.  Please return it though, as it's signed. 

I have no doubt it will be very valuable one day.


  1. Someone must have fed my darling baby girls the wrong information, because they spend a lot more time screaming as they run through the house, wrestling, and throwing things at each other than they do being ... quiet. Quiet? I don't remember what that's like. :\

  2. Laughed so hard I snorted at the comment about the stepford kids who play quietly and draw. At the haircut store the other day, my eldest was getting his haircut. Tagged along were the boy baby and the older boy I babysit. The hair stylist looked at my gang and went "soooo...3 boys huh? You're tired like ALL the time right?" I just laughed and laughed because even though the 3rd one isn't technically mine, I have him often enough he should be a tax deduction. Then I thought of you and your 3 boys and thought "yup, we're tired all the time"

  3. Skwishee... this is a common mistake made by moms of boys... the grass is greener?? I am a mother of 2 girls & 1 boy... and let me tell ya, they are ALL loud, wild & crazy!!!

  4. lol..wait...wait til they reach the teen years. At some point you'll say,"WTF" no'll say, "what in God's name happened to my sweet,little....."(fill in the blank). You'll find cigarettes under their beds or in their drawers and they'll tell you they were really,really, holding them for a friend...haaaaa..And then...they get their drivers license(forget getting any sleep when they have the car)...then they turn 21, they can now go to the bars, and they wake you at 3 a.m. asking,"Dad,are you up? Something happened"...Up?Up? I'm wide awake, any broken bones, are you ok? Are your friends ok? Is the car ok? Do we have a court date? You think you don't get sleep now? Ugh...but seriously, as I said before,they'll reach mid 20's, you'll see all your hard work pay off, and you'll become friends once more. And then the fun starts all over when they have to take care of YOU.

  5. esbboston - yes she is!

    Skwishee - Way to blow the stereotype. Ah well, at least you'll have someone to go shopping with when you're old. (;

    Erica - 'tis why I drink coffee. all. the. time. (:

    Kristi - you will never convince me those sweet faces are anything other than perfect.

    Maplewood - I fully expect to lose my sons to their wives and take up golf with the husband in Arizona during our later years. It's only a dream...

  6. honored and humbled

    thank you for not only reading my book, but for actually enjoying my wackadoodle sense of humor AND telling other people about it!