Friday, December 16, 2011

Trouble Clef

I will never understand how my husband's parents had 7 children and managed to keep track of all of them and their names.  I've been calling both Jack and Joe "Jick" lately.  And they answer to it without question. 

In order to avoid missing things, my husband and I try to plan our days out in advance.  Yesterday, our exciting endeavors included buying stamps for my Christmas newsletter, dropping off presents for Joey's teachers, and hitting the grocery store.  The only hitch was a surprise bout of food poisoning and an emergency run for Imodium AD.  Once the meds kicked in, I would then take Jack to his school's Christmas pageant and my husband would take the other boys to hockey.   

It all seemed easy enough.

Yet not long after we arrived, Jack managed to completely destroy his instrument.  No amount of Superglue was going to fix this disaster:

Still recovering from my stomach issues, I reached for my Imodium AD and cell phone to call Joe to gripe about the violin.  I then remembered that my cell phone had been MIA for 24 hours.  I was really hating Thursday.  And I started to feel like I had to throw up again.

Yet the universe sent me a quick pick-me-up as the children's choir began belting out a song from the musical Rent.  And you know how I love Rent:

Talk about a game-changer.


  1. Sorry you had such a rough day, but love that it ended with "Seasons of Love!" Rent is one of my favorites too. Merry Christmas to you, Jick and the rest of your wonderful and entertaining family! :)

  2. Do you want me to see if I can fix it? Let me know.

  3. Oh, by the way you didn't kill him,did you?

  4. Why does none of this surprise me anymore?

  5. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you saw that.


    Merg<----Mom's version of Jick for me

  6. Kathy, I KNOW! Can you believe it? I will pass along your well wishes to Jick & the rest. Merry Christmas to you & yours!

    Anonymous John - I can't believe you're trying to fix this lost cause, but thank you. And no, I didn't kill him. Yet.

    Anonymous - is that good or bad?

    Merg - There was an audience, so I had to be calm. But you know what I was really involved the letters "W" "T" and "F."

    Maplewood - EXACTLY.

  7. I'm guessing "how do you measure a year" - it's the end of the year. They'll be coming back next year... Wrapping up the year?

  8. I, too, love Rent. I decide I can't watch the video right now b/c I'm feeling a bit too emotional, and this might send me right over the edge.

    Hope you're feeling better. Perhaps this might cheer you up-Meg has requested "Little People like the one Danny's mom at the bus stop has" for Christmas. I am intimidated by eBay, so she's not getting any. But isn't it nice to know you've influenced a young mind? I'm going to have my dad bid on some for me.

  9. Ali - this is why you're smarter than me!

    No Way - the Little People Renaissance is on its way and you can tell people Meg knew before anybody else!