Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Do I Bother?

I'm mad-busy right now.  The holidays have taken hold, I forgot to put sugar in the cookies I baked, and I can't think of a single thing to write for my holiday newsletter (which is typically in lay-out mode by this time each year).  AHHHH.

Joey is very happy, though.  Every time the doorbell rings, he races to answer it.  He is acutely aware of the fact that mommy has been receiving a lot of packages lately from "the Amazon."   

I don't know why I order actual toys from, because it's apparent that the true source of complete and utter joy for 4 year-olds is the box:

Feel free to admire the poo-colored carpet yet again.  Try to love it like I do.

Instead of toys, this box shipped my new garbage can as Atheist-Friend insisted I should be ashamed of my 2003 model with the broken lid and permanent discoloration.

I got to go figure out how to get my basketball hoop straightened out from the Chicago windstorm the other night.  For whatever reason, I did not pull the minivan directly up to the basketball hoop like I usually do when this happened (thereby saving myself a huge middle-of-the night disaster and damaged car).  To thank the universe for looking out for me, I am buying holiday presents for two needy children instead of just one this year.  And no.  I'm not just getting them boxes.

Imagine this plowing right through my windshield overnight.  I would have SO missed carpool.


  1. When I was a young child,which in itself seems like a million years ago, in fact it probably was, anyway....the really cool kids had the 48 or 64 box of crayons. The 64 box had a really cool sharpner imbedded in the box. Seeing the picture of your son, is that the gazillion box of crayons next to him?

    Regarding boxes as toys, dogs are like that too. Forget the the expensive toys give em an empty gallon of milk container....or if you really want to show him/her how much you care, your smelliest, hair covered sock will do the trick. See it's the simple things of the holiday season.

  2. You need an older child who doesnt believe anymore to help distract the others when the UPS guy comes! Why cant all the deliveries come on the same day during school hours?


  3. My dad used to build forts & tunnels out of all of the delivery boxes! our kids had so much fun!
    I am hoping this year my delivery person is a little more discreet... last year I ordered the ridiculously huge doll house & a set of hockey nets, both were left on the front porch... with pictures on the box! argh!! And he doesn't deliver to me until somewhere between 6:30 & 7pm... when I have seen his face drive down my street multiple times already that day!
    p.s. dip the cookies in chocolate... instant sugary fix!

  4. Maplewood - I never thought of socks! Blame my mom for all the crayons, she stocks up when they're 25 cents and sends the kids home with a new box every Saturday. They're taking over my house.

    Robyn - Amen. It's like they've never heard of Christmas before.

    SF - You said it, Charlie Brown.

    Kristi - they had the picture on the BOX? I would have died. And your dad sounds AWESOME. I'm feeding the kids all the no-sugar cookies and they don't seem to mind. ??? I suppose they're used to my bad cooking.

  5. marianne, I also left the sugar out of a recipe. And subbed in the exact same amount of salt (I blame this on the friggin' clear storage containers.) And it was not just for me. It was for samples at the high-end kitchen store. I had blocked it out, but you brought all those memories rushing back like a big 'ol tidal wave of ocean water. Salt water, to be precise. Thanks for that. At least you gave me the topic for my next blog........


  6. MOV - Once again, you teach me that I'm not alone. Can't wait to read about that one!