Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Persuasive Essay

Read about Daniel's "persuasive" essay against a longer school day at Chicago Parent. 

It's hardly a shocker.

His teacher, by the way, is obviously in cahoots.  I can't say as I blame her.

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  1. I think his best point is that he gets hot in school. No ones learning anything with a sweatstache. I think I love your son.

  2. I'm going to start using 'struction in my every day life and no one is going to know what I mean. I will then direct them here. So look for a huge jump in blog traffic!

    ...Okay, not that huge, I really don't know very many people.

  3. I agree with Mary. And also? I might have to stop following your blog and read your son's blog instead. He is obviously a much better writer.

    MOV ;)
    ps--I will NEVER stop following your blog! that was a joke up there!

  4. Genius! Especially the "I will get dirty air" line, which made me guffawing like a prized idiot.

    On the Nutcracker/pub topic, luckily in Britain, there's a pub on EVERY street corner.

    Plans have been made by parents and teachers alike, to (dump the kids) take turns DURING the interval periods. (TUT TUT)

  5. As they say......."the leaf does not fall far from the tree"

  6. Mary - no joke! I went to his school for parent-teacher conferences and the place was like an oven. No wonder he's always asking that I pack an extra drink in his lunch.

    Erica - oh, pls. do! You probably know more people than I do! Or at least you remember their names. I'm still working on my mailman.

    MOV - Daniel has already asked for his own blog. I'm thinking about it....Sorry for the delay in the book review - I'm in the midst of a few things right now and I didn't want to rush my obviously glowing comments! I'm still chuckling over the wagon story. I think we've used ours twice.

    Lily - You Brits do it right. When I used to travel there for work, I LOVED how everybody left at 5 pm on the dot and headed to the nearest pub. That's UNHEARD of here in the work-til-you-drop-at-your-desk USA. Apparently, you guys are just as productive at work in less time AND you're happier (as evidenced by your Nutcracker plans). I'm moving. Just don't tell my husband and kids until I've cleared customs.

  7. SF - Apple, old man, it's APPLE. xoxo SD

  8. Walter Perry to you or is it Karen Carpenter????????
    Old Man! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp!