Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Relative Anonymity?

Due to an "anonymous" lender of a mysterious leaf blower left on my back porch yesterday, the family took the not-so-subtle hint to tackle my stupid tree's half-ass shedding of leaves. 

Joe found another blower in the back of the garage, so it was a virtual wind tunnel on the front lawn.

For the record, this same "anonymous" boyfriend-in-law (he's dating Joe's only sister) has provided each of the following to my highly ungrateful family:

  • An Easy Bake Oven after I Facebooked about my all-time favorite Christmas present and mentioned how I never got to use it because my sis ate all the packets of dough and frosting (no worries, Meg...I'm over it)
  • A Lemonade Stand for the boys (when I blogged about Daniel's entrepreneurial spirit and desire to make a summer income)
  • Nut-Free Taffy Apples (when I blogged about Jack refusing to eat the ones I bought with nuts)

I'm thinking it's about time we add this fellow to the starting line-up.  Since he miraculously provides an answer for all my blog musings, I'm putting in a request for legal permanence.  There are very few people in life who do things without prompts, guilt, or incentives.  "Anonymous" is a wonderful match for sister Mary.  Sister Mary, aware of our recent family loss, called up to offer 2-day babysitter services without hesitation for the boys.  She's always the first person to provide help, aid, and unequivocal support to loved ones and certain half-crazy blogging sister-in-laws who shall remain nameless.

So that's my wish for today.  Or if "Anonymous" wants to leave a life-time supply of Botox on my back porch, that would be fine, too.


  1. Please tell anonymous that I would really like a big fat bonus check. Not like I work or anything, but I do deserve a bonus to get me through these preteen years. (I know, its only beginning... a bonus check each year should make me feel better).


  2. I think we need to keep anonymous around. Sorry about your Easy Bake Oven. The first (and only) cake I made in mine overflowed somehow, thus encrusting the entire inside with cake batter which resulted in an ant infestation. Trashed by my mom.

  3. I really enjoyed Mary's company the other night when I decided a carb overload was due. Her salt of the earth personality and gentle spirit were just what the doctor ordered. Mad love to you all.


  4. Give a man or boy a powered gadget and they will do whatever it's designed to do and more. It's in our genes.

  5. Thanks Marianne! I have to say, it's really nice to go to a website and read such nice things written about yourself, even if they are embellished.

    Only you would make an online request like that. Anonymous is good about fulfilling requests. However, this is a big one. FYI: Your boys were quizzing him about his intentions the other day. Hmmm, I wonder where they get it.

  6. Meg,

    Thank you too! I hope you guys are managing. Have a great Thanksgiving. Let me know if you need me to drop a frosting covered cookie at your house.

  7. Anonymous - I'm not sure Anonymous travels out that far. You know how those Beverly guys are!

    Ali - I guess you have to forgive your mom. I held a grudge against my sister for the better part of 20 years.

    Mar - Yeah, we got it good with her. Just don't tell. Don't want to give her a big head. (;

    SF - He didn't seem that happy to be doing leaves, but at least he had a power tool.

    Mary - Me? Embellish? I've never heard such nonsense. I have no idea where the boys get it. I'm guessing the other side of the family? (;