Sunday, November 13, 2011


I don't care that it's only November.

I don't care that Thanksgiving is still weeks away.

I don't even care that I'm not allowed to say "Christmas" in at least one of the CPS schools my kids attend (just don't ask me which school it is because that note is long lost in my file-pile).


All year round, I frequent second-hand stores for antique Christmas decorations.  I buy gads of window gels on clearance December 28th.  I have an entire village of light-up holiday houses and shops that were purchased with coupons. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. 

It's the birth of the savior!  It's a holiday to break up 3 months of dreary Chicago skies!  There are cookies!  What's not to love?? 

I have several Jewish friends who have married Christians, and even they fess up that decorating for Christmas is so much more fun.  The ornaments!  The lights!  The tinsel! 

CHRISTMAS!! (said with the same, emphatic tone as the BACON! dog food commercial).

I'm giddy in case you missed that.

And look!  LOOK!  Look what I found at Kohl's yesterday.  It spoke to me like no ornament ever has.  It combines my love of vintage Little People with holiday decor!  Just look!

The doorbell even rings!

It's a tiny little ornament that OPENS!  AND I had a 30% off coupon!!!

I'd better stop writing before I run out of exclamation marks.  But just to show you how the spirit of Christmas can move someone, Daniel finally let me videotape him practicing the piano.  It's a CHRISTMAS song!  He even told me I could put it on the blog!  He never lets me put anything on the blog!  A Christmas Miracle!

Sorry.  I didn't have a blog last year, so you really couldn't know that I am bat sh*t crazy for Christmas.  I just can't help it.

Because it's CHRISTMAS!!!*

*If all this enthusiasm is annoying you, feel free to remind me that my yearly holiday newsletter is going to suck this time out because I already used most of my good material for the blog.  I'm SO screwed.  That'll be a buzz kill for sure.


  1. You cracked me up just now, its rare that I see the words "sh*t" & "Christmas" in the same sentence. Still giggling several moments later ... I am ea-silly amused at 2:30 AM as you can see.

  2. I begged, offered money and gifts all in the effort to convince my wife to forgo my official duty of decorating the house, for one year, of Christmas lights. Her response took a whole millisecond to respond. First I get the look, followed by her response of, "just do it"......

  3. We don't need Christmas to know you're crazy.

  4. I feel so much better having my Christmas village boxes out now. CHRISTMAS! YAY! And your son sounds great! CHRISTMAS SONGS! YAY!

  5. esbboston - I aim to please!

    Maplewood - Oh no. You can't not decorate for Christmas. I'll be dropping off a copy of the Grinch if you don't.

    Anonymous Atheist-Friend - Shush.

    Kelly - Oh! Oh! Email me pics! I LOVE holiday village! And thanks! That video was an early go-around of the song, he's sounding much better now.

  6. I love that ornament! Miniature things are right up my alley. Unfortunately, I do not love Christmas so much. It's better now that I've had kids, but I'll take Thanksgiving over Christmas any day.

  7. Your Christmas newsletter better not suck. Its always nice to get one that isnt so sappy and proud, but completely honest!! xo