Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Cry for Help

When a woman is in need of emotional or psychological help, the signs are often subtle and easily missed.  People can  unwittingly overlook the indicators that a woman is drowning in sadness, depression, or in my case, a vat of chocolate Halloween candy.

So as to avoid any ambiguity, I have clearly spelled out what I need with the boys' Halloween loot:

Please.  In the name of God.  Someone get over here and save me from myself.  Take this crap away before I do irreparable harm.


  1. Please save me all the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and the Butterfinger Bars for my next visit. The devil made me do it............this request.

  2. We have our loot in the same pot! People were very generous this year!

  3. Ah, If you would have spelled them out with PayDays then I would gladly help. I asked my wife if she got any on the trip home from the store. No. No? She obviously doesn't love me anymore. Okayokayokay, I would take your L.

  4. Happy Halloween!!! And know that you are not alone!

  5. I want it all. Send it to me. Posthence faceforth.

  6. I squint my eyes and it says
    "I Rock". What's the problem?


    I squint my eyes and it says
    "NaBloPoMO". Nice job cross-branding, Marianne. Well-played.


  7. Anonymous - you'd better get here soon.

    Susan - when you see me next month, please don't look at my ass.

    esbboston - Sorry. The L has been eaten.

    Shel - Thanks! It's hard to feel alone with all these wrappers surrounding me.

    Gweenbrick - email me your address (or that of a distant friend)at mom@webandofmothers.com and it's on the way. It needs to GO.

    MOV - I know, I know. Bad marketer. I'm working on being noble next year. Plus, I'm trying to catch up to Gweenbrick. Too bad I can't draw. Or write. Thanks for the Hyperbole and a Half mention. I cried laughing at the cake entry. I didn't know she existed until you told me. It's a big blog world out there!

  8. I did have multiple tiny Butterfingers today with a glass of milk for the first eVer, muy..yum.

  9. After I went through their stuff and picked out what they're allowed to have (as far as I'm concerned, until they can brush their teeth properly, no gummies or hard candies - I know, I suck.) I threw (almost) everything in a bag to send to work with my husband. :P I have no confidence in my ability to ignore a truckload of candy.

  10. esbboston - sounds like heaven.

    Skwishee - I've got to do that. Next firehouse day! If there's any left...

    Maplewood - you and me both. I think P is gone. ):