Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Despite a historic year in terms of Super Glue usage (courtesy of Joey),  our family tree is finally complete.  Daniel handled the manual construction of rods and tree branches.  I handled the lights and tinsel.  And Joey and Jack handled the hanging of ornaments.  Unfortunately, their preliminary work did require some tweaking as about 1,500 ornaments were placed only on the lowest two branches.  Anything north of 3 feet was left completely bare.

Still.  Our ornaments are hung and I feel complete even if Carpool-Mom makes another crack about my work looking like a "mall tree" (she was convinced I high-tailed it out of Macy's with one of their trees last year).

I will write separately about all my kids' home-made ornaments, but for now here are a few of my commercial favorites:

Because we all know how I feel about vintage Fisher Price.

Because it's sparkly.

Because I drink.
Please prepare yourself for a week or so of my holiday decoration obsession. 

I've also got to get cranking on my holiday newsletter if I want to get it out before January 1st.  I need a theme!  Incompetence?  Adult ADHD? Why school fundraisers are a racket?

So many to choose from.  So little time.


  1. okay, am loving this post on so many levels. First, the wannabe "friend" that compared your tree to a mall tree is obviously envious. (I know, because this is exactly what I say to anyone who has their tree up before December 23rd.) Next, you do NOT have 1500 ornaments on the lower branches. Geesh, Marianne. Looks more like 5000. Third, am way digging the special ornaments you highlighted. I need the martini one (on second thought, I need what is supposed to go in it). And lastly, as far as the holiday letter, allow me to cast my vote for "school fundraisers are a racket." I should know, I got suckered into helping with one. This so-called volunteer job is draining the very life out of me. It will be my one and only foray into "helping" with school fundraising-- do not let me ever raise my hand for this kind of thing again! I am the one who will need help when it is over-- mental help.


  2. Me thinks you have additional talents besides a mom and scribe.
    Photographer and Christmas Designer.

  3. Love the wife and her friends have an "Ugly Ornament Party" every year. They've been doing this for quite some time and the competition is quite intense. They usually have it on a week night so I doubt they drink at the party...lmao..ok, a little humor there. I'll try and find some past entries.

  4. MOV - Thanks & lesson from Mar: never EVER volunteer until they have used up every last ounce of every other mom. Then, and only then, will they appreciate you and stop offering up sentences that begin with, "in the past, we have done it THIS way..."

    SF - That's right. (:

    Maplewood - Oh, you've GOT to share those!