Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Secrets Revealed

I was outed.  My lack of efficacy in the kitchen was happily recounted by my 1st grader in an essay last month:

I made Jack re-trace his letters for better clarity.  NO WIRE HANGERS!!

There you have it.

Which leads me to a new addition to the Joe's Favorite Restaurants tab.  I really should have put The Magic down earlier, but I never seemed to remember my camera.  Well it's there now, and my apologies to the place that has served us many a breakfast over the the years.

My kids have the BEST table manners at The Magic.  I suppose it's because they were practically raised here.  They've accidentally called the watiress "mom" a few times.    


  1. Become an expert in one particular meal like bacon and eggs or maybe scrambled's easier than bacon and eggs. Then I would come and even take off my shoes if you promise to help me return them to my battleship feet.

  2. I'm with SF. Excel at one thing. My thing is waffles (from scratch).

    Son: Mommy is the best cook ever, she should totally be on Top Chef!

    Innocent bystander: That's great! What does she make?

    Son (cheerful): Waffles!

    Innocent bystander: What else?

    Son: That's it!

    I gaze adoringly at my son and realize he is right: clearly, I could have my own reality show if that show were called "Top Waffle."


  3. I love Jack's spelling!

  4. I'm not sure what the food was in the first picture, but I'm going to go with ..chicken.. (?) and hopefully with those colors an interesting sauce.

  5. SF - I'm really good at pouring cereal. Does that count? Battleship feet? I'll order your slippers in XXL.

    MOV - I know SF. The one thing he makes beyond compare is a great hamburger. I think I should nominate him for "Top Burger." My husband already has the breakfast thing covered. I need to find some crockpot recipes....

    Anonymous - Jack's spelling? Why? Is something spelled wrong? (;

    esbboston - Jack's actually a very good artist, but I don't know what he was aiming for. Perhaps abstract food?

  6. If you go to restaurants you don't have to prep or cook food or do any dishes which equals more family time. Sounds like a win-win in my book.