Monday, October 31, 2011


I played it smart this year.  I waited until Saturday to buy our Halloween candy so I wouldn't guppy my way through 8 pounds of Snickers before October 31st.  I also bought only chewy yucky candy so there wouldn't be a moment's temptation to morph into a Chilean miner and dig my way to the bottom of the economy-priced 155 piece bag of Almond Joys.

I also sent my husband off to work.  He often tries to take the day off for Trick or Treating.  In the past, this has resulted in us hitting only 3 houses in an hour and a half because Joe knows everybody in Chicago.  While I'm dealing with anxious kids wanting to sprint from house to house, Joe runs through his Fantasy Football picks with the neighbors, his 20 first cousins, and everybody he went to high school with. Because they all live right here.

As mentioned in previous posts, I also arranged costumes in advance. I'm saving the big reveal for Wednesday's edition of Chicago Parent Online.  Yet for you, loyal reader, I will offer a teeny weeny hint:

If you've already guessed, don't mention it in the comment section (but you can still leave recommendations for therapists if you'd like). If you don't know, just reflect on my mastering of all things inappropriate.

I better get back to the laundry before my three CPS schools start calling to demand why someone as insensitive and tone-deaf as myself is allowed to raise children.

heh heh heh


  1. And see, I thought I was so super smart to get Halloween candy early and "beat the crowds". And by "beat the crowds" I mean "don't fit into my work pants today after polishing off a 10 lb bag of snickers like it was my job". You win. Again.

  2. A school teacher pumpkin!!!! (I never was good at following instructions........)


  3. Okay where were you and three buckeens? I waited well past 7PM and it was cold out on the porch.

  4. Mary - It was all for naught. The haul the boys brought in is destroying me.

    MOV - Good guess! Sadly, no. Stay tuned!

    Pathickey - we hit Maplewood from 103rd to 107th. Where we close?? I LOVE Maplewood - it's my favorite block - all the bonfires, folks out front grilling, the occasional offer for a shot of Bailey's...awesome.