Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fat Old Dogs

I'm feeling so lazy today.  I am one-part big fat old dog.  I don't really want to move, but if someone comes over and wants to take me for a walk, I will begrudgingly oblige.  This is why I hang out with Atheist-Friend.  She walks me quite regularly.

I am also one-part guppy.  If you leave a pan of brownies at my house, I will eat them until I explode and die.  Oddly enough, the brownies on my counter are also from Atheist-Friend. 

So why the hell isn't she here taking me for my walk?  I'm about to die here.

I felt a little less lazy yesterday when my stubby little fingers flew across the keyboard as I wrote a must-read article on why I hate Halloween. It's right here.  One click away.   

You gotta cut me some slack.  I promised those people at Chicago Parent Magazine something for today, and it was either give them the Halloween write-up or my college paper on why I hate Middle English. 

Thank you, loyal reader.  I knew you'd understand.


  1. Maybe you could combine them and write a paper on the Halloween practices in the Middle Ages of England?

    Mmm, brownies sound good. I think I am long overdue for the German Chocolate cake in the box over on the countertop by my coffee pot, time to crank up the oven. Of course that means getting out of bed first.

    The captcha word for today is 'prehyt' - which I will take as a sign that I should be baking and mispronounce it In a funny British accent as 'pre-heat'.

  2. I am currently battling my inner guppy as well. In the past week, various visitors have left behind fudge, cookies, doughnuts, and pie at our house. It's just cruel.

    Time to go eat more pie.

  3. esbboston - why didn't I think of that??? Save me some German Chocolate.

    Haley - why did you say pie? That was a little mean. Damn guppies. (;

  4. My cake turned out great. My oven is slightly tilted, west side is slightly higher so I rotated the pan 180 degrees about 4 minutes into the baking process and the final cake was much closer to being level. I am a chemist by degree so I am always tweaking recipes. Today I used 4 eggs instead of the requested 3 and I think it was my best cake ever. But I bake rather infrequently. I will dedicate the final cake portion as yours.

  5. esbboston - I appreciate the gesture!