Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wine & No Cheese

Thoughts on the Wine & Cheese Fundraiser from last night:

  • Wearing ridiculously tall heels might not have been a good plan for a standing-only event
  • Because cheese was not included in the $55/couple admission price, I'm feeling a little misled
  • True wine connoisseurs should have known better than to spend 10 minutes discussing the bouquet and aroma of each wine in a long line full of cops and firemen.  They were really taking their lives in their own hands
  • The people from my neighborhood rock, including the parents who decided to hang with us at Cork & Kerry afterwards
  • School fundraisers don't always suck
  • I could support a family on what my babysitter makes an hour
That's all I got except this big bottle of Excedrin Migraine and a fine story about how you can determine whether a 7-year-old has suffered a concussion after slamming his forehead into a pole at the park while spinning madly around on a swing.

More on that tomorrow.

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