Monday, October 3, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I got to be honest.  I'm a little angry. Somebody asked my kids recently what they did this summer. Their response?



Instead of banishing them to their rooms or refusing to ever drive them anywhere ever again, I'm rebutting their claims with photographic evidence to the contrary. Consider this Exhibit A in my future defense against charges that I ruined their lives.

Lemonade Stands


Fine Dining


Rides on "The El"

Sheer and Utter Exhaustion

I may just decide to request an essay from each of them on why their mother is the most noble and self-sacrificing person to have every lived. Right after I finish this Miller Lite that is.


  1. your son in the Ed Debevecks hat looks shell-shocked....what did you do to that poor child? That's why he answered "nothing"; he is repressing whatever experience you put him through to cause that expression.

  2. Gweenbrick - Yeah, I think he was a little overwrought. They are rather odd there at Ed Debeveck's.