Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Sunday Confessional

What kind of mother lets her 4 year-old ride the mechanical bull?

Or her 7 year-old drink coffee?

Just doing my job to make sure nobody is being too hard on themselves today.

No thanks required. 

I've already got plenty of Taffy Apples.


  1. Was this done while you were at Aunt Ellen's party? And here I thought your kids were in the van the entire time!

  2. Your first picture of bull riding doesn't show in my browser. I've reloaded the page a couple of times, no success. That's on my iPad, I'll try again later on my PC when I get to it.

    I let my kids have coffee at a fairly young age, turning them into little Brazilians, a little coffee, a little Portuguese.

  3. If one child is riding a swirling bull and the other having a cup of coffee, I sure hope the remaining and alive child is having a cold beer with his DAD. And to think you did not trust me with the survival of the children in my sole care. HmmmP!

  4. Susan W. - How did you know?

    esbboston - it's a video - but I'm not that good at technology. Coffee makes you s-m-r-t.

    Anonymous - Remaining child was pulling the car around. (;

  5. Video? I can see video on my iPad usually, but I think some formats are incompatible with iPad, but I thought they usually gave me feedback when the operating system or browser encounters them, weird. I'll try again later.