Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some People Cannot be Helped

Another fundraiser.  Another school to support. Another reason to buy a box of hair dye to get these greys under control. While I was at it, I would also squeeze in a visit to Supercuts. My split ends were starting to hurt.  

I have no brand loyalty.  I buy whatever color is on sale. 

She could be my twin.
So as I ran through my plans for beautification to the other moms at the bus stop, I got the look to end all looks from Miniature-Friend. As a reminder, Miniature-Friend is a size 0, runs daily, and sees personal grooming as a measure of salvation. 

Miniature-Friend:  Oh, Marianne.  You didn't just say SuperCuts.

Me:  Uh...

Miniature-Friend:  And you're dying your own hair?

Me:  Uh......

I started having flashbacks to 7th grade gym class and braced myself for the onslaught. Yet instead of going all mean-girl, Miniature-Friend grabbed another mom's phone and tried getting me an "emergency" appointment with a real salon. Much to her chagrin, she couldn't get me on the schedule that day. So she begged and pleaded. She offered to watch my kids the next day. She volunteered to drive me to a salon downtown. Just anything, anything other than Supercuts.

No woman who has birthed 3 children should have to go to Supercuts!

I'm not sure what she thinks happens at Supercuts, but I have a feeling it's a lot worse in her head.  Nonetheless, I appreciated her concern for my well-being.  It came from a very pure and perfectly manicured place.

The Supercuts lady who did in fact cut my hair was very nice and told me she never ever wanted to get married or have kids. I would say that makes her smarter than all those girls at Mario Tricoci's combined.

So with the extra money saved from eschewing high-end professionals, I got a new pair of shoes on sale at Macy's:

I will be the tallest person EVER.

If I could ever be as adorable as Miniature-Friend, perhaps I would also seek out the best salons and services to accentuate my looks.  Instead, I choose to highlight the fact that I can see everybody's bald spots and roots.  The power of being 6'4" in heels is awesome.  I feel divine.

Until of course I have a little much of that wine at the Wine & Cheese gala and fall flat on my face in my big honking shoes.   I'll be taking bets on that later.


  1. I color myself too - you know how much we save not going to the salon?!? Matt and I figured out that it's over $1000 a year. Granted, my lovely hairstylist sister-in-law gets me the professional hair dye and has taught me how to do it myself, so I'm not getting it from the grocery store, but it's totally worth it.

    Now, I do go to the salon for a haircut. A good haircut can last a long time. Longer than color. And it doesn't look goofy growing out. Sorry!

  2. I'm glad you got those shoes. I would hate for you to feel short.

    My preference is L'Oreal excellence cream. If you keep an eye out, there are $2 coupons in the paper often. I keep them with me and buy it when it is on sale. I even hit a sale at Target one time that gave you a $5 gift card if you bought either 2 or 3 (I don't remember). I do remember that it ultimately ended up costing $2.50 a box ;)!

  3. As a man married to a cosmetologist who has to fix a lot of other cutter's messes, I loved your line "No woman who has birthed 3 children should have to go to Supercuts!"
    There are several of my wife's customers who have had disasters while my wife has been off work for extended periods for things medical in nature, and they tell her that they are never going to go to anyone else ever.

  4. Sara - but they're always so mean to me at Mario's!

    Mary - Thanks for the tip! I'll be on the look-out!

    esbboston - Next time I'm in Boston, do you think she'd help me? And not yell at me too much? (:

  5. Actually Boston is my last name, Borger, Texas is our place. We have a wonderful retail & gift store as well, and just opened a nail section.

  6. Miniature-Friend would hate me. I haven't had a hair cut (super or otherwise) since my 3 1/2 year old was 5 months old.

    Cute shoes! I'll cross my fingers for your not falling over ;)

  7. Oh. I never told you about my "supercut" experience. It was not supercuts but it was another one of those places. (I hate making appts so I want somewhere I can walk in). Well after I was done, I "walked in" to a professional salon in town. They found layers that werent supposed to be there. Took them an hour to fix the mess. Never again for me.

  8. ebboston - We'll be heading to TX this Spring! Maybe we'll check it out! Store name?

    Skwishee - Nada one tumble!

    Anonymous - apparently, Supercuts has been uniformally banned from my life. Lesson learned & sorry about your disaster!