Monday, October 24, 2011

My Monday Morning Meltdown

Okay.  My laundry dryer has died.  I can deal with just about any household disaster except a broken washer or dryer.  I'm trying to stay calm, but the kids have already been yelled at twice this morning.  

I'm a woman on the brink.

So in lieu of a lengthy post, here's a happy moment that I'm going to try to hold onto while I have my Lucy at the chocolate factory kind of day:

Jack has his first pair of matching pajamas ever courtesy of my $10 off coupon at JC Penney's and the pajamas being on sale for $10.  Final cost was around fifty cents. Once again, I think fate has intervened on Jack's behalf.   Naturally, the only pair left was in his exact size.

Out of all my boys, he's the one with the biggest horseshoe up is you-know-what.

I'm looking forward to taking him to Vegas one day.

Now if only he knew how to fix a dryer.


  1. oh, Marianne,

    First of all-- I feel your dryer pain! My washer (at the last house) died a few years back, and to say that I was in utter despair and anguish would be an understatement. While we went into research mode immdeiately to either fix the old one or buy a new one (ended up buying new), we were in a quandary about the existing laundry (which multiplied exponentially in the night). Do we take it all to the laundramat and then bring it home WET (bec. the dryer was working fine!) or do we just pay the fluff-n-fold people do it all for us (guess which won out)?

    As for your precious son matching, I myself also hold a special sign up when I match (bec. it is so rare-- I put all my energy into my kids looking good, and I look like a forgotten manniquin in the back of the store, you know, the one missing her wig and a crucial part of her torso). But I went to Godiva today, so who cares if I match? I have expensive chocolate! ha!

    ps-- my secret word I have to type in today in order to post my comment on your blog is "chum". Does this mean we are chums?!?

  2. you and me, kid! Our washer is on the fritz. The thing works but the spin cycle is broken so I have to either manually wring out the water from the clothes before putting them in the dryer (it wont dry soaking wet clothes apparently - I tried), or manually spin it to get it started like starting an old airplane propeller in the old days!

  3. esbboston-you have no idea - he keeps asking when pajama day is at school!

    MOV - We are chums! And thank you for understanding on all counts. I knew you would.

    Thanks, Shel!

    Rada - What is this? Kill an appliance month? Sucks for you, too. Hang in there. I've got a migraine from the laundromat. erck.

  4. After 13 days without a washer in July. (They don't air condition laundromats.) I now treat all of my appliances as if when their true time comes they will be leaving me large sums of money.

  5. Anonymous - I'm going to take that advice to heart!