Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Merry Band of Bloggers

Okay, you guys must have already figured out that my sense of humor is a bit outside of the norm (and I still owe you a blog on my whole "tickets to heaven" scheme to get the kids to behave).  So you shouldn't be surprised that a few of my favorite blog choices are decidedly off-kilter. 

I promised Gweenbrick a few weeks back to participate in some kind of Blog Chain Letter where I post links to my own entries and then highlight some of my favorite bloggers.  That's entirely too much work, so I'm simplifying.

I'm going to instead just provide a link to a few of my favorite blogs and explain why I read them.  I have to disqualify both my right and left wing bloggers because if they ever realize I read both sides, I'm toast.

Here goes:

Gweenbrick: He's funny.  And twisted.  And I think he works with children.  Be sure to start with his first entry as he's one of the few bloggers who hit the ground running.  Lots of wildly hilarious stories and illustrations.  An example:

Ho-Hum Life & Just a Mum....?  Two of my gals.  Doing the mom thing.  Making me feel a little less lonely in the world.

Mothers of Brothers:  Anyone who can direct like 1,000 hits my way in 10 minutes is my hero.  I'm seriously willing to give the lady a liver should she ever need it. Or spleen?  Uterus? I can't keep track of my organs.  Anyway, she's really funny and her October 6th blog on having a pathological need to be liked rang very true to me.   I also want everyone to like me, but my tragic inability to remember people has really hindered my popularity.  I call the mailman by a new name each day figuring I have to get it right eventually

My Suitcase Full of Tricks:  Once you check out the picture of what she did with overgrown lawn mushrooms, you will never be able to leave.  Oh, and I think she dated George Clooney.

The Writer's Poke:  This was one of my college friends who now has a PhD and writes a blog that is supposed to make you think.  Since I can't actually do that anymore, I pretend to be smart by visiting his blog regularly.

There are many other blogs I read and plan to highlight soon.  It's just that we had swimming and CCD last night and I forgot to make lunches for the boys.  I also think I'm out of bread.  PB&J on soft taco shells it is!


  1. your humor a bit outside the norm?

    You are very talented.

  2. Very flattered to be one of your girls! <3

    It helps so much to not feel alone in this mom business. It's hard work!

  3. Anonymous - Thank you, but I am a wee bit nuts.

    Erica - it's endless work, but misery loves company!

  4. the 1000 hits? yeah, they were me personally reading your archives, for like, 4 hours straight. My eyes are bood-shot now. You owe me a new cornea.


  5. Thank goodness you picked one of my most handsome pictures of myself.
    I am glad you like my blog! Thanks for being supportive, and for being the only one who liked my pop-tarts post.

  6. MOV - DONE! Now I just got to call one of those people who you meet at the airport where you end up bleeding in tub with a phone taped to your hands and a note that says "call 911" because they stole your organs. I'm on it!

    Gweenbrick - The Pop Tart one will always be my favorite.

  7. Why, thank you! I quite like you too! :)