Friday, October 21, 2011

Keep Out of Reach of Tall Children

Sometimes I get a little distracted. Like the time Danny and Jack went coasting down a hill in their double stroller as I stood there trying to locate the gorilla house on the zoo map.  By the time I looked up, they were 50 feet away and tipped over in the grass. 

I've gotten better.  Really I have.

Yet as I gathered up hockey equipment yesterday, I somehow lost track of the hour.  It was suddenly time to start my afternoon school pick-ups and I was late.  I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror and realized I looked askew.  So I ducked into our first floor bathroom to quickly comb my hair and spritz a little hairspray on my Supercuts 'do so the bus moms wouldn't laugh at me. 

Unfortunately, I also keep other aerosol bottles right next to my hairspray.  Can you guess which one I used instead?

Helpful hint to people with babies: do not leave your child unattended at my house.

Let's just say my head has a whole new army of scrubbing bubbles working their smiling little a$$es off to keep my hair tidy and free of mildew.  You think I would have caught this?

Yellow nozzle.  White nozzle.  So obvious.  
Oddly enough, after I wet my hair a little bit and ran a comb through the toxic cleanser, I was good to go.  My hair didn't budge for the remainder of the day despite wind and rain exposure.

Sadly, this is not the first time I've done such a thing.  Last month, I took the worry out of ever having ants in my hair.  For the record, the Raid bottle is bright blue.

Maybe it's time to make an appointment with that eye doctor?

(Disclaimer: The high-end hairspray highlighted in today's blog was bought on clearance at the Hair Cuttery this summer.  I picked up every last bottle while the boys got their buzz cuts.  It was cheaper than Aqua Net).


  1. Having your eyes checked is probably a good idea... but how about not storing your hairspray next to your scrubbing bubbles?

    Glad to hear your head will be mildew free for the next few days though. That can be a real problem. :\

  2. I too, keep my hairspray with my cleaners. Its so much easier to do the girls hair (Yes I hairspray em!) downstairs. Who wants to walk upstairs AGAIN??? Although I've never switched em up. Although once I did put hydrocortisone on my toothbrush. Ummm yech..


  3. I once put bengay on my chapped lips thinking it was vaseline - I can guarantee you that I will never ever ever do that again . . .

  4. Skwishee - Good tip & mildew is such a problem. (;

    Robyn - Yech is right! I'm glad you lived to tell about that one. (:

    Anonymous - I'm thinking it burnt? Tasted bad? The stories you must have gotten out of that one!

  5. see? this is why you are my hero.

    p.s. and to be clear, it sounds like you are endorsing the scrubbing bubbles as a BETTER alternative to hairspray? 'cause that might work........

  6. MOV - I'm thinking about switching to Scrubbing Bubbles once I run out of Shaper Plus. (:

  7. I laughed so hard when I read this one - Matt asked me what was so funny and I had to share your story. I couldn't come up with this stuff if I tried; you are great! The ant thing was even more funny knowing your "love" of ants.

    And by the way, I'm not related to you either and I read your blog all the time. It's because you are clever and human. And not afraid to let others know that we are all thinking the same things in our heads about our crazy lives.

  8. Thanks, Sara. I try really hard to find the humor in all the bad/stupid/frustrating things that happen, and it's usually only when I start writing about it that it comes across as funny. I'm usually swearing or crying as the actual events unfold. My therapy is right here. Hope all is well with you guys!

  9. I agree with MOV... this could start a trend of women using Scrubbing Bubbles as hairspray. They should really be thanking you for the free plug.

  10. Marianne, it's Becky again. This post made me laugh so hard. And as one of the "bus moms," I noticed how bubbly your hair was that day, and I WAS laughing at you-on the inside.

    Just kidding! I've never noticed your hair looking anything other than great. Maybe it was one of the days Ann brings Sean home? :)

  11. Haley - I've contacted them - so far, no response. Hmmmm.

    Becky - Oh, so sorry you missed it! You could have used my head to clean a toliet or sink!