Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why They Stamp Your Hand at Chuck E. Cheese

My husband and I get into legendary battles of Street Hoops every time we have to endure a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party.  My back just can't do Skee Ball anymore.

Yet last weekend was the first time a Chuck E. Cheese venue didn't offer side-by-side Street Hoops.  I blame it on Naperville's overall lack of city planning.  So Joe and I had to take turns, which is when I started appreciating those stamps they put on you and your kids' hands with matching numbers.  John Wayne Gacy could have easily walked out with all three of my children in tow.  Our levels of distraction and competition were simply out of control.

For the record, Joe would like everyone to know that he whooped my a$$ at Street Hoops.


The video below shows a previous visit to Chuck E. Cheese where the hoops are placed in the more desirable side-by-side fashion.  For some unfathomable reason, I allowed Joey to take a turn next to his father.  I'm assuming it was probably his birthday as I'm not normally this generous at the Cheese.

For all those parents getting "the Cheese migraine" from the blinking lights, hyper kids, and noisy games, keep in mind we've gone to 12 Cheese parties this year alone.

I seriously must have killed someone in a prior life. 

Maybe I was John Wayne Gacy?*

*Yes, all you serial-murderer enthusiasts, I know I couldn't have been John Wayne Gacy because he was alive when I was born.  But the fact that you know so much about serial killers has left me slightly alarmed.

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