Saturday, October 8, 2011

Joseph Christ Superstar

It never fails.  The second I finally sit down for the day with a magazine and reality television, I will hear a voice calling from upstairs.  It's always my husband.

Marianne.  Come up here!  You gotta see this.

I know what he wants me to see.  He's checked on our sleeping children and one of them has invariably fallen asleep in a ridiculous position.  The usual suspects:

  • The shooting victim (arms wide open above kid's head)
  •  The shipwreck victim (kid halfway off bed, top half of body clinging to mattress like Jack in Titanic)
  •  The suicide victim (kid again halfway off bed, but this time head resting on floor while lower half of body still on bed
I've seen them all, but I usually try to humor my husband by marching up the stairs to marvel at the oddity of it all.  But the other night, even I was caught by suprise:

Do 4-year-olds have crucifixion dreams?

There's an old joke about Jesus being Irish because he lived at home until he was 33, thought his mother was a virgin, and she thought he was the son of God.  Based on this picture, there may be some truth to this stereotype.

For anyone who follows the blog regularly and has noticed that my kids never sleep in any kind of matching pajamas, good eye.  I hate pajama day at school because it casts an unforgiving light on my pajama failures. 

Go in peace and sin no more my followers.


  1. It makes me physically uncomfortable when their (my kids)pajamas don't match.

  2. My kid never wears matching pjs. I'm just happy if he's wearing pants these days :)

  3. What about the "butt in the air" pose? My kids don't sleep in matching PJs either. Too organized for my liking.

  4. Anonymous - I know, I have friends who pity my mismatched children on a regular basis. I want to be more of a Type A, but I just don't have it in me.

    Erica - Pants are good!

    Gweenbrick - He was immaculately conceived...or I just can't remember from all the "church" wine.

    Ali - BUTT IN THE AIR! I forgot that one! Glad you've recovered from your souvenir shirt vacation! That would have been hard, even for me.

  5. My kids just love pajamas irrespective of matching or mis match. They play, relax and sleep in comfy pajamas. I've been looking for some really soft and cozy kids pajamas for coming winters. is what I found. They have an awesome collection of pajamas which my kids loved completely and I am sure your kids will too.

  6. Samantha - They are so cute! A little out of my average $10/pair price range, but they look very comfy.

  7. Marrianne there is a good news for you. If you liked pajamas then you can enter a contest that they are running on facebook and get a free pair of pajamas.