Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What to Get the Teachers for Christmas

Click here to find out what your kids' teachers REALLY want for Christmas. 

Just a few options on the table....


  1. How about lovely handmade soap with a gift card enclosed in the lovely box? :)

  2. We always do spa gift certificates for the teacher. I figure who needs relaxation more than a woman who spends 7 hours a day with 20 kids? Except this year's teacher who to be perfectly honest has not made a great impression and I'm not entirely certain deserves more than the nice card and note Nathan wrote her (he was nicer than I'd planned to be).

  3. I would just hand the teachers giant wads of cash if I had it, they certainly deserve it (think of it as Combat Pay).

    On the topic of #1 Teacher: if this is true, shouldn't the store only sell one of that particular ornament? and once it's gone, it's gone forever? And then possibly continue on and on with #2 Teacher, #3 Teacher, etc. Who decides these things, is there a vote?

    I think the majority of soaps and lotions and candles given to teachers have maybe been re-gifted from other occasions. Nothing says, "I don't know you and I have no idea what you like," like a jar of lotion or a box of potpourri.

    Our school has a "Room Mom" who is in charge of a group gift, and so we just pony up and she buys a Target card from everyone.

    At the end of the school year last year, I got all the teachers neat picture frames from Pottery Barn. I figure you can never have enough picture frames (and when I handed it to the teacher, I noticed her hands were very soft and she smelled surprisingly good).


  4. I'm a firm believer in taking care of people throughout the year. I think that's why this season turns so many off..putting up fronts on this day, then going back to our ways when it's over. If we could only keep this spirit alive throughout the year. Of course we celebrate our Lord's birth and buy those special gifts for our kids and grandkids (my son just got married and we plan on spoiling the grandkids rotten, can't wait). But I make sure I have water for the garbage men all through the summer. They really appreciate that. I try with the mailman but ours comes and goes so quick. So many others deserve to be recognized as well. I'll be working Christmas eve, day, New years eve ....but I'm grateful to have a job.

  5. Susan - I love your soaps and the fact that they are home-made. If I were a teacher, I would be delighted.

    Erica - That's a hard one. Getting teacher gifts for those you're not crazy about. That's when I aim a little lower. Otherwise - spa certificates are AWESOME. I'm adding that one to the arsenal.

    MOV - LOL. But how would you feel as Teacher #4,567? That would sting. I used to do the group thing, but I get annoyed when people toss in $2 (when I know they're quite comfortable financially) and still sign the same card as the mom who threw in $50 (who is less comfortable). I guess it shouldn't matter, but I go solo now. I s'pose I'm a cowgirl.

    Maplewood - our mailman is way too fast and I still haven't caught him. You're right - all year round kindness and consideration is preferred. But for those with ADHD, at least the blaring reminders of December ensure a little uptick in civility and kindness. Merry Christmas! Joe got a trade this year so I'm over the moon he will be able to see the kids on Christmas morning. I'll be thinking of you and the rest of the folks working to keep Chicago safe this holiday. We appreciate it! Please be safe!

  6. Wow Marianne, I am truely in awe of your selflessness!

    Compared to you, I feel like Scrooge.
    (my child is looking over my shoulder as I write this and he's just told me that I look like him too)

  7. Lily - You don't look like Scrooge (you actually look exactly like Jessica Rabbit, oddly enough). (:

  8. Thanks for limiting bad ornament gifts to #1 teacher. So I don't feel bad about mine;-)