Monday, March 5, 2012

Whistle While You Work

Joe's overnight bag was carefully placed by the front door the other day. My husband does this so he won't forget it when he leaves for 24 hours shifts at the firehouse. One would literally need to step over the bag to get out. I thought his placement was rather ingenious.

But guess what Joe forgot?

Being the dutiful wife that I am, I loaded Joey into the minivan and headed east. I couldn't allow my poor husband to go 24 hours without his toothbrush and deodorant, right? Plus, little Joey is always thrilled to visit the big shiny red trucks:

Just as we were leaving the station, our heroes got an emergency call. Watching the guys hustle and ride off on blaring giant engines was very exciting.  Even more exciting was knowing that I now had unfettered access to their upstairs quarters. It was time to finally see how grown men lived when left to their own devices. Let's just say I was glad I brought my camera:


In reviewing the names of all of Joe's firehouse brethren, I calculated that they had more men than dwarfs.  I was right.  Apparently, the guys moved on to other Disney characters for inspiration:

These guys see some crazy sh*t every time they're on shift.  Gross stuff.  Sad stuff.  Dangerous stuff. Even Joe's uniform returns smelling of things I can't quite identify or would even want to identify. 

Yet, off they go.  They don't complain.  Instead, they make Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs beds.

And they whistle while they work.


  1. Hi Marianne,

    You are a good wife to take your husband's stuff to him. :)

    And I did vote for you for funniest mom blog! and the next day I will vote for me, and the next day back to you, all the way until March 21. Last I checked, you are about number 1 and I am about number 239 (out of 239). See? I am gaining on you!

    ps-- my husband has the same flip-flops as your husband

  2. So which bed does Joe sleep in?

  3. Love it! Men really can be clever and cute! I bet I know who sleeps in Grumpy's bed;)

  4. MOV - no, no,'re doing it all wrong. Vote for us BOTH. EVERY DAY. (; Thank you!

    Anonymous 2 & 4 - I assumed he was Grumpy too, but when I asked Joe, he said he was only the 4th grumpiest guy at the firehouse. They apparently made him "Doc" because he's also the paramedic on scene.

    Andrea - Ha! Now I'm just wondering who is Snow White?

  5. For the love of God, buy them some sheets!


  6. That's awesome and I love the picture of my handsome godson. I am curious though, why you drove west.

  7. Next time he forgets his bag, bring him his deodorant and toothbrush in this?

    I picked Happy, because I thought Dopey was a little mean ... since I don't KNOW him and all! :)

  8. Robyn - they have them! They just don't make their beds until they're ready to use them. Typical.

    Mary - oops. I'm directionally challenged. Just fixed that - good catch!

    Jennifer - thanks! Happy is a bit of a stretch (he's a runner-up Grumpy). I'll check this out!

  9. Maybe my Snow White
    has moved in...
    A fireman...I have a very romantic view of firemen, they are like modern knights and how cool to have bagged yourself one!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Marianne.

  10. Julie - loved the post! And bagging a hottie firemen never seemed a possibility until I met Joe. My first experience with a fireman (Me: do you like to read? Him: Why would I want to read?) put me off for a long time. My current fireman reads more than I do and makes a mean taco. I am very lucky. (:

  11. That's awesome! It must be essential to 'lighten up' after the serious stuff they go through.