Tuesday, March 20, 2012

As Seen in The Wall Street Journal & Oprah

Have I ever mentioned how Joe and I participated in a Darvin Furniture commercial?  We got a $50 gift card (now expired) for discussing how much we loved Darvin.  I was about 5 months postpartum and looked like Mrs. Claus.

That commercial first aired during Oprah.  It also continues to play at the furniture store on a perpetual loop near check-out.  We occasionally get phone messages from friends buying furniture:

"Hey, guys!  We just saw you at Darvin!  You two could not be bigger dorks!  LOSERS!"

Yeah, I pretty much assumed my 15 minutes of fame started and ended with that commercial.

That was until today.  My sister and I are in The Wall Street Journal. 

Because when the epicenter of world finance seeks a unique story, it naturally comes to the author of this blog for inspiration. 

I am practically a water nymph.

So please have a read.  Leave a nice comment.  Tell your friends. 

My 15 minutes have officially been expanded to 27 minutes.  I am still shooting for a full half hour before I die.

Also, be sure to "like" the wonderful reporter who didn't seem the slightest bit annoyed as she conducted our interview during school pick-ups.  While I yelled at my kids and battled poor cell phone reception, she still was able to put together a concise story of sibling rivalry (see my take on the interview here). 

Her name is Elizabeth Bernstein and she is an extremely talented and patient writer. 

In the meantime, I will begin work on an entry about hanging out with a Wall Street Journal photographer while my family noshed on corned beef and cabbage. Maybe a week-long series would be better? 

Thank goodness for the good friends and readers who can remind me about all this excitement when I'm in the home, drinking geriatric Mike's Hard Lemonades and wondering why I never lost the baby weight. 

I blame the Girl Scout Cookies.


  1. OMG I feel such an idiot - I totally thought you were joking about the Wall Street Journal article...
    but it made me cry so we're even.

  2. Marianne, you DO NOT look bloated in the Wall Street Journal.

    Very interesting and insightful article, especially as someone with 5 other siblings.

    Still voting. :)

  3. This will probably be the only articles in the wsj I can follow and not glaze over while reading! Congrats on your fame! Seems they should renew your gift certificate, like royalties for the continuous loop!

  4. And to think I just renewed my subscription last week to the WSJ just in time ...

  5. Somehow I had missed that article, instead I had read the one "How Your Body Is Growing New Parts".

  6. Climbing the ladder of fame! Next you will be scheduling playdates with Brad & Angelina. Hey, you never know!!

    Really, and truly, such a great article. I have 3 older brothers, so I don't really have the rivalry, but I have watched it between them.

    You climbing in bed with your sister to help her heal, kind of sums it up though. Through the ups and downs, we are always there for each other.
    Nice article Marianne.
    And I agree with Lily, no bloating going on. In fact, I thought to myself 'I want to hang with her and drink Mikes Hard Lemonade' :)

  7. Fyi. I sent this one to the Review.
    I guess they weren't untreated.

  8. Next thing you know in late December, you'll be on the cover of Time magazine for "Person Of The Year". I'm assuming 60 minutes has already booked you.

    BTW congrats on the Wall Street Journal piece.

  9. Sounds like sibling rivalry is based on insecurities with yourself.

  10. Julie - Would I lie about the WSJ? Maybe Vogue, but never the WSJ!

    Lily - Thanks, Lily - you're the best!

    Andrea - I'm going to see if they'll still honor it this summer. I want a new end table..

    esbboston - It's like you're psychic! And where can I grow new parts??

    JR - I got your Mike's Hard Lemonade ready to go!

    Anonymous - Drats. If only I could crack the Beverly Review!

    Maplewood - thanks! I'm secretly hoping for Ellen.

    Anonymous - Duh. Of course my sibling rivalry is based on own securties. I'm a dork which lends itself to a whole host of issues that I probably should seek medication and therapy for.

  11. I read the Wall Street Journal article and it made me laugh. It sounded a bit familiar. My sister and I have a similar although also quite different sibling rivalry going on. We do, however, get over it and stand together when things get bad. The article made me cry too. Family can drive you the most crazy, but also offer you the most comfort. So glad you were interviewed for the article and shared your story with so much honesty. As for insecurities - we all have them. We're human after all. Pretending we have it "all together" just makes us look foolish and dishonest. The real problems begin when we keep them in the dark and pretend they don't exist!

  12. Itsadomelife - thank you for your thoughtful comments and understanding about insecurities. I usually lay mine right out on the table. It's too much work pretending to be perfect. Family (for most people) are those rare individuals who might be furious at you, but will still bail you out of jail in the middle of the night. Thanks for reading!

  13. No...you don't want to be on Ellen's show. Then you'd have to dance up the aisles and plop down in chairs and pay her homage like she's the best thing since sliced bread...who knows, mabye she is. Now if Rosie only booked you, perhaps her ratings would of skyrocketed and she'd still have a show.