Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Candy Wrapper

True story.

I handed Joey a bowl of plain M&M's after lunch yesterday and went upstairs to put away some laundry. I came down 20 minutes later and found the bowl still filled and Joey fidgeting with a single, half-melted M&M.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I had never seen a child take longer then 30 seconds to devour M&Ms.

"I can't get the wrapper off," Joey responded calmly, still picking at smeared chocolate.

"Joey, the M&M's aren't individually wrapped. You can just eat them."

"No, mommy. Look! (holding up a fresh one for emphasis). There are words on it (or in this case, just the letter "M"). It's got a wrapper."

Oh Lordy.  I had some 'splainin' to do.


  1. 424 votes is falling behind???

    I love voting for you. Because of clicking that voting button, now my teeth are whiter, I am skinnier, and I am more smarter! Just like you said would happen!


  2. Maybe you should have an hr. long press conference on your porch and sign autographs, then we could watch you drive from a helicopter, as you do your errands with a play by play (There WBOM is folks, yes, she's stopping at County Fair Foods,this is an exclusive folks, no wait, she is getting in her car and, she is going to what appears to be a gas station...)from the ever so interesting news person..zzzzzz. Seriously though, since we live in the wonderful state of insanity, I mean, Illinois, where our motto is, "where our governors make our license plates", can we vote for you, eh...ummmm....uhh,,,,maybe twice?

  3. This just in...our camera in the sky has zoomed into her grocery bag and found the contents to be, a bag of Cheetos, BBQ Pringles and a BIG bottle of wine. Oh and it's reported it was all purchased with something called a "Billy Buck". Apparently WBOM is using some sort of foreign currency. Investigation on our 5pm newscast.

  4. Love kids- And yes, you have some 'splainin to do. Teach that boy all the ins and outs of candy!

    PayDays are semi-healthy because they are full of peanuts.
    Reese's peanut butter cups? Just spread some jelly on the top, and you have a PB&J&Chocolate Sandwich.

    Voting is happening........;)

  5. Poor kid. Next you need to introduce him to Skittles.

  6. This could work in your favor! I watched my sister break m&ms in half when my nephew was 2 so he wouldn't choke on them (yep, go ahead and laugh...I sure did!) she didn't peel them though, but I did later see him trying to break them!

  7. That's even better than Gretchen requiring reassurance that our new TV would have the same channels as the old one.

  8. MOV - I was trying to stay in the top 10! Have I ever mentioned that I fall on the competitive side of things? Glad you got smarter and skinnier - I'm always here to help! (;

    Maplewood - Don't laugh. Just WAIT until tomorrow's post. You're going to be as WTF as you've EVER been! heh heh heh

    JR - Thanks for the votes, and the jelly thing actually sounds good! Or maybe I'm just hungry?

    Jewels - Don't Skittles have letters on them too? Eh. It's not like I can actually see anything anymore. Love, The Legally Blind

    Tangled Lou - I wasn't sure if it was enough for a post, but I wanted to make sure I never forgot it. Selfish, selfish me.

    Tina - Thank you, Tina!!!

    Andrea - Your poor sister. The worry she must have felt all the time. I gave me kids hotdogs whole - weeded out the weak....

    Anonymous - I totally get Gretchen's concerns. And with today's cable company providers...why, one never knows.

  9. You came in as a "no-reply" in my email. It's an easy fix ...

    And don't worry about my teen son's room redo ...

    Your kids haven't really noticed their rooms. They're still trying to get those wrappers off the M&M's. Next time you should try out that experiment with Skittles ...

    And I voted for you!



  10. Oh I love this! If only I'd had that mentality as a child...taking my sweet time with food...perhaps I wouldn't have grown into a card-carrying foodie and perpetual dieter! :D

  11. Skittles, Smarties, Minstrels... so much potential for entertainment here!