Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mothers Who Bowl

When my friend suggested Sunday morning bowling with no kids and just the moms, I thought it was a great idea.

But then I remembered that the bowling alley doesn't serve liquor first thing in the morning.

Meh.  It made for a good photo op on what mothers do to break up Sunday morning monotony.  It was so much better than laundry.

There were several other mom-friends, but these ones were handy when I pulled out the camera. 


  1. I voted! Do I get a sticker?



  2. Eat those cookies, M~
    We'll get voting!

  3. I still think if I vote, you should give me a car

  4. No liquor, but can you get greasy bowling alley fries that early? Mmmmmmmmm

  5. Right back at you.
    It's on...... :)

  6. Meg - you get a sticker AND a pen!

    Tina - Thanks, Tina. The Thin Mints have been calling me all night.

    Maplewood - I'll give you the minivan, but you have to take the kids strapped in there while you're at it.

    Andrea - my friend made carrot muffins. I told her to add bourbon to them next time.

    Kyla - we're neck & neck - but my bowling friend mom was kind enough to tell me your blog was funnier. We're so supportive here on the southside of Chicago.

    Julie - anything to get out of the house, right? I don't even bowl.

  7. You might like this poem about mothers

  8. Oh... I hope your bowling friend knows how to click her mouse :)