Friday, March 9, 2012

The Longest Year

I love my youngest son very much.  Yet throughout his entire first year of life, I had to fight the urge to leave him under one of these signs:

So tempting.

When a mother hasn't slept in 10 weeks and her baby does nothing but scream, her judgement becomes somewhat impaired.  Every time I spotted one of these safe havens,  my husband would just shake his head and mutter, "don't even think about it."

I read in the paper last year that a number of mothers had taken to dropping their sassy teenagers off at these designated child abandonment locations.

Noting my devious smile as I read the article, Joe asked that I please stop reading the paper for child rearing ideas.

Of course, there's always the internet.


  1. What is this drop off you speak of?! This looks like a wonderful thing I could have used 9 months ago!

  2. The baby looks so happy and comfy in that stranger's hand. I'm glad you didn't give your little guy away to the fire department. (That's where we have those signs in Oklahoma)

    Little Blonde girls DO win everything.

  3. Can't say that I haven't thought of it either. There have been moments. But, I do love my little fella...

  4. I wonderful if I could drop off my mother-in-law's oldest child? Hint: Wife

  5. Is that for real? Wow. When I had my first my midwife told me that if ever I needed quiet time that I should put the baby in his crib, shut the door and go for a walk. She said 'He won't die while you go round the block for five minutes' - but what if I got hit by a bus?! New mothers are crazy.

  6. The picture looks like you can only dropped off pocket sized babies!

    Three cheers for brunette dorks!

  7. Hey, the sign could mean that babies are safe when they're headless...well it is midnight, on Saturday, after pizza and wine.

  8. The Child Abandnment places! You can abandon your kids without an investigation or criminal implications. How nice is that?

    Mary - Damn little blond girls. I took this picture at Joe's firehouse. Every time we see it I point it out to the kids. They think they would then LIVE at the firehouse, so they're good with it.

    Crack - I think if you've NEVER thought of it, something might be wrong with you, right?

    esbboston - I'll check the reg's....

    Jule - 100% true. And your midwife sounds like me.

    Andrea - Brunette dorks rule! I'm told there are no size restrictions...pocket-size babies and up are accepted.

    Julie - I had wine & Baileys, my cosmic sister! The headless baby image is a tad odd, and the fact that it's in someone's very large hand....I suppose the fire department is lacking a good graphic artist. Know anyone?

  9. Sometimes I wish my family would drop me off!