Friday, March 2, 2012

Final Guest Blogger - Donna from My Garden Blue

Last, but not least, please welcome Donna from over at My Garden Blue. This has been so much fun....I wish we could do Leap Blog Day every year! Hmmmm....

Weep Day

When I was in kindergarten my teacher would have a birthday party on the 15th of the month for every child who had a birthday that month. I don’t remember much about kindergarten but I remember when the teacher asked one little girl what day her birthday was that February. This little girl started to cry these huge crocodile tears and said she didn’t get a birthday this year.

The rest of us listened in horror as she tried to explain that she was born on a day that disappears, so she only gets a birthday every 4 years. Apparently her parents only had a birthday party on her actual birthdays and she’d only had 1. I’m sure they did something the other years but I just thought her parents were monsters at the time.

I felt so bad I gave her my pudding from lunch. It was chocolate too.

I think about that every leap year. Wouldn’t it be a pain to be born on February 29th? Most computer systems don’t even recognize that as a valid date. You wouldn’t be able to sign up for a Facebook account unless you lied about your birthday like every other snot-nosed kid on the internet. You would also have to listen to every clever bouncer who thinks he’s the only one to say you’re not old enough to drink yet. Of course, it might be fun to say you were 12 and a half instead of 50 just to watch people try to figure it out.

Some people count leap day as an extra day and volunteer their time or do something completely fun or off the wall like jump out of a perfectly good airplane. How about you? Do you have any crazy leap day traditions? I usually just paint my nails green in anticipation of Saint Patty’s Day. This year I think I’ll put a “Do not disturb” sign on my bedroom door and see if that works.

(If you are interested in reading more by Donna leap on over to her blog at My Garden Blue).


  1. I honestly never thought of it from a child's point of view! All these years, I mistakenly thought it would be cool to have a Leap Day birthday, part of a special exclusive club.

    I have a friend whose doctor told her in advance that due to several health issues, she would need a c-section. SHE GOT TO PICK HER DATE. (you know where this is going) This was 8 years ago, the range of dates was Feb 26--Mar 3. I could just kill her for picking Feb 26, but maybe she did not want to stay pregnant for 3 extra days if she didn't have to.

    Still, whenever I look at her child (who is friends with my son), I can only shake my head and think "You poor poor poor kid-- you almost had something really cool there for a minute, but your mama robbed it away from you."

    Once again, mom is the bad guy.

    great post!!!


  2. My son's aftercare counselor got induced on Wednesday so her kid could be a leap year baby. I thought it was cruel. I never, ever judge how other women have their babies. This one I just couldn't fathom.

  3. My plan for the next four years needs to be to fully embrace the concept of 2/29 being an extra day! I guess this year the fact that I spent the day on the couch with a sick kid just meant I didn't use up an actual day of the year with such sadness!