Wednesday, March 7, 2012

If I Disappear....

I'm not feeling well.  I'm tired.  Cranky.  And I've been leaving comments all over BlogHer (my blogging network) telling everyone to get bent and stop being so judgmental all the time.

As you might have guessed, I'm in a mood.

And as my husband will testify, the best way to lift me out of this kind of mood is to make me laugh.

Unfortunately, Joe is off dousing fires and such, so I turned to the one blogger who consistently makes me laugh out loud.  I am proud to be one of Gweenbrick's first 30-some followers (he's got like a million now), and I read again my all-time favorite post:

The One About Insulation

If you're looking for a quick pick-me-up, this one ought to do the trick.

In the meantime, please keep me from commenting anymore on BlogHer.  They are a powerful network of women.  They could end me. 

And you'd never find the body.


  1. But Marianne I can't imagine you saying such things as 'get bent and stop being so judgmental all the time.' unless you have good reason. I'm intrigued and will have to lurk.

  2. The Blog Her logo reminds me of a logo for tampons. Shh - don't tell anyone I said that.

  3. Thanks, Julie - am I allowed to post your other comment? That one made me spew coffee from my nose, laughing. I often have no good reason for doing much of what I do, which was the point of the "get bent" comment. Some of the writers take the most innocuous exchange and build an entire post around how insenstive the world is to their plight. I'm so very tired of the eggshells people are throwing all over the place. I'm too old for this sh*t, and you're making people scared to even talk to anyone anymore. Now where the hell is my Bailey's for my morning java??

  4. I tend to stay away from the drama. mainly because I spend my day in a middle school and get plenty there. There's a reason women "of a certain age" don't blog--we're not wasting the precious time we have left on the bull$hit.

  5. Kirby - oh the stories you could tell! I started blogging as a creative outlet (which I enjoy) and I liked reading what other women had to say. But you're right, too much drama zaps your spirit. I'm sticking with the funny gals now. Life is too short for the angry mob. Thanks for reminding me!

  6. When you mix your Baileys with the eggshells you are at your very best. Me thinks you are low on Baileys. Do you need a delivery?

  7. Perhaps something will come in the mail today to cheer you up.



  8. Well, I am not worthy of Blogher responding to any application I have filled out to join them...maybe that is not the worst thing?

    For some reason I now have a vision of you setting up little people while laughing good reason for think it, nor to share it, but there you go!

  9. Thanks for promoting me Marianne!
    I always appreciate all the support you give to me and I hope your crankiness dissolves

  10. Being cranky sometimes is good for the soul! Let it out!

    Also, I realized that I may have done the whole award passing on thing wrong a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, Lily gave me my first award,I did the whole pass it on thing, but didn't let you know.
    Love your blog Marianne! Keep on keepin on!

  11. You are at your best when you are cranky. Mostly because you are never cranky with me and I like to watch other people lose their minds over little things. It makes ME feel better. And it IS all about me.

    You know what you need some roast beef and gravy.

  12. Hey Marianne - I passed a couple of awards your way... Maybe that'll cheer you up? I think one of them is actually the same one as J.R, once removed...

    I love the phrase "get bent". I've never said it to anyone in a fit if pique though... I kind of hope someone pisses me off soon.

  13. I've learned which way to steer in the blogging world, what groups to avoid...even down to age range. That plan has helped a good bit in my drama free zone.

    I didn't get on here for drama and have only had a few death threats so far, but it has steadily gotten better and your blog is awesome!

  14. SF - I could certainly go for a new bottle soon. Planning on stopping by???

    Meg - LOVE IT! Perfect timing. Totally made my day!!

    Andrea - I play with my little people while laughing maniacally all the time. Is that wrong? Don't sweat BlogHer. While there are some really great voices on there if you poke around, I think they spend too much time touting the overly-righteous posts. The only thing I get righteous about is the overly-righteous. An therein lies my quandry....

    Gweenbrick - my sister sent me a fancy Fisher Price phone ornament. All is right with the world again. Thanks for letting me totally abuse your writing for my own purposes today!

    J.R. Thank you for the great award! I get so excited with awards. Then I'm the bitch who never follows the rules. I used to be a good girl. I don't know what happened. I blame heavy metal. But I'm thrilled and appreciate your support!!!

    Anonymous - I'm still working on the chicken salad. How much longer do you think that's good for?

    Skwishee - thank you for the award! I love it when people think kindly of me. I hope you forgive my lazy ways if I don't get around to following the rules. I have a history of under-achieving. I am ashamed. I love "get bent." My husband introduced it to me years ago, and it feels good to say AND to type. Give it a whirl!

    Crack You Whip - I am checking out your blogroll now! I've got to stop trying to find funny, interesting blogs on my own, because I always end up accidentally bumping into the lady who wants to fight. Thank you for your kind words. I'm normally not angry. Just don't verify that fact with my kids, eh?

  15. They won't let me vote more than once. A$$hats. nd I'm glad you are choosing to stay away from the BlogHer crowd. So what if some of them get famous and make a zillion dollars? Then there's the opposite spectrum--the home decor crowd who are uber-sweet. That's another story entirely.

  16. Kirby - totally loving the home decor crowd. Especially the ones who follow all the grammar rules. (;