Thursday, March 29, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Being a fairly consistent procrastinator, I have put off far too many things over the last month.  Even though I'd like to blame my extensive volunteer schedule and regular acts-of-kindness, the truth lies elsewhere:
  • Blogging
  • Facebooking
  • Online sandal shopping
After an extra-tall cup of coffee and 6 am hustle to get everyone up and out the door, I felt the rare stirrings to actually attack my to-do list.  It started with an oil change.  $32.  With a coupon.  When did Jiffy Lube start charging like my Honda dealership? 

I call bullsh*t.

Irate, I then ran to Costco for my Fiber One bars and Diet Red Bull.  Proper nutrition is very important for a mom on the go.

After a visit to the music store to get Joey's updated piano primers and a trip to the dry cleaners for our Easter clothes, I began my after-school pick-ups.  That was when the clock really started ticking.  We had exactly one hour to buy baseball cleats before the inaugural first practice of the season.  Target didn't have the right sizes.  The next store didn't even carry baseball goods.  We desperately hurried into the Sports Authority where I frantically raced around the store trying to find a shoe that would fit Daniel. 

After 10 minutes, it finally dawned on me that maybe my 7 year old needed a men's shoe.  We found a size 7 and it fit like a glove.   In the meantime, diligent little Jack had also found a box with his appointed size, but I did not bother reviewing his selection until after we left the store.  That was when things got a little too Land of Oz:

My husband is appalled.  He thinks I'm trying to Dorothy-ify Jack with ruby red baseball cleats.  I think I'm just looking for a place where troubles (and the consequences of procrastination) melt like lemon drops.

If the shoe fits....


  1. I'm happy to read I am not the only one with an online sandal shopping obsession. I have to admit, I LOVE the red shoes. Maybe your son has an eye for fashion!

  2. A person with style
    no matter how small
    cares not what his Dad says
    those red shoes can haul!

    Red shoes go faster, Dad.
    Duh. ;)

    I'm planning on a sandal shopping marathon next week!

  3. You did well. I'm having such a hard time with doing anything lately. And I feel like a vegetarian in a butcher's cool room.