Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I No Longer Need Smelling Salts

I could have totally been a nurse.

Fine.  Maybe not a nurse.

But I have definitely come a long way in not passing out every time I see blood.

Read my full story here in Chicago Parent.


  1. I voted yesterday, but when I just went on, it said I already voted. Hmf! I'll try again later. I do feel smarter, thanks.

  2. I totally need to feel smarter. I think I'll vote. Plus, I used to think some mothers were the most useless creatures on earth - strollers or not. Then I became a mother myself. Perspective is everything!

  3. You are a superhero!!! (even when brushing little teeth)

    Defibrillator?!?! WOW!Our office only has a first aid kit, which is half empty!

    My good thoughts for a Healthy Household for you! Hope they get better soon.

  4. Ha ha - I don't think I'm getting smarter, probably blogger's fault - not sending smarts back when I click.
    I just followed you following Gweenbrick.

  5. Uh oh...I am almost afraid to head over for the story!

  6. Jewels - Thanks, Jewels! But I have a feeling you were pretty s-m-r-t to begin with!

    Judy - Perspective IS everything...which is why I can only identify most women from the tops of their heads and not their faces....

    JR - Everyone is fine now - thank you! First aid kit?? What kind of 3rd world office do you work in???

    Julie - saw your comment on Gweenbrick. That guy just kills me.

    Andrea - nothing sad today - I promise!!