Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Smell of Defeat

After moving on from a strong regional victory in chess last week, the K-2 kids from Dan's school moved on to the city championship yesterday.   

It wasn't pretty.

I never knew there were so many awesome chess players in the city of Chicago. While Dan's team came in a commendable 5th place, it was a far cry from their sweeping victories only the weekend before.

But if you remember, I love opportunities for my kids to experience disappointment and heartache. It's good for them. Builds character. Teaches them to work harder and try again.  It's all the cliches put together that I love which help prepare children for a tough world ahead. 

You do know that I'd send them to military school if my husband would let me, right?

Regardless, I got this great shot of two of our little Bobby Fischers before the wave of disappointment hit and the fellas were still willing to crack a smile:

Daniel and Blake

So great job, my favorite future band campers, and better luck next year!


  1. Good for them! I used to play chess, years ago and was decently good at it, but I can't sit still that long anymore.

  2. Nothing more attractive to a woman than a good looser, more attractive than a good winner.

  3. Crack You Whip - I'm with you! Which is why I'm trying to get my kids to develop the attention span I never had. Here's hoping.

    Julie - ...I agree, but I also like a man with dimples. Nothing sexier than dimples.