Saturday, April 21, 2012

Florida: The Finale

Okay, even I am starting to feel like I've held you hostage with vacation slides for far too long.  I'll wrap this up quickly:
  • Florida Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos: best thing ever
  • Shark bite count: Zero
  • Joe's hot factor: Three different women hit on the hubby.  I was amused.  Joe looked scared.
  • My hot factor: Oddly enough, not one person found me fetching in the trusty swim dress.  I KNOW.
As promised, Joe did get his cosmic reward for saving a life when we hit Matthew's Cafeteria on the way home.  It was finally open, and the meatloaf was out of this world.  The only scary moment was when we parked in the last spot in the lot and peered over a 300 foot drop straight down.  A little extra gas on the reverse?  We'd all be dead.  Joe's thoughts?

How about some f*ckin' railing?

You can't tell from the picture, but in real life, it appeared as though you were falling off the face of the earth.  
That's right.  No barriers.  No guard rail.  No sign.  You back up too fast, and you're gonna be screaming for about 15 seconds before you meet your maker. 

Thank you for indulging the Florida Chronicles.  We're out of money, so I promise no more vacation stories for a bit.

But I can't help including one more Disney pic for good measure.  Joe is actually smiling:
Y'all come back now, y'hear!


  1. You reversed into that spot? Glad Joe's hunger didn't make him a tad shaky at the wheel...
    Hey, you're still in my followers list.

  2. Your vacation 'slide show' was awesome! I giggled at your husband being hit on. I think my husband would crawl in a hole if anyone other than me showed an interest.
    Just the thought of mahi mahi tacos makes my mouth water.

  3. I am so relieved that there was not another mishap! Did you get yourself your very own rooster souvenir?

  4. We are going to Matthew's Cafeteria as soon as possible. I have told my husband and it's not an option. We're probably moving away from Atlanta this summer, and for all the efforts you guys went through, we've got to get down there and try it!

  5. Julie - Joe is the only person capable of backing the minivan into our long, narrow Chicago driveway without a hitch, so this was a piece of cake. Glad I'm still a follower!

    Jewels - Usually he is oblivious to such overtures, but he must of had his sexy on this trip! When we got home, Joe made some fantastic fish tacos that hit the spot. I love that man.

    Andrea - Thought about it, but I felt it was a slippery slope into full-blown chicken coop.

    Jennifer - OK, but some things to remember. Make sure you hit meatloaf day (they serve different things on different days) and avoid the cornbread muffins (they tasted like lead). The meatloaf is their piece de resistance (and load up on extra gravy!!) The fried chicken was also excellent. Where are you guys moving??? Chicago! Say Chicago!