Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To the Sea

There really is nothing like a day at the beach.  

During our 5 days in Florida, the temperature hovered right around a near-perfect 90 degrees. We spent the bulk of our time taking advantage of the sandy shores, exciting waves, and interesting people-watching. 

Best of all, it was 100% free.

Of course, you know how I like a bargain. We didn't even have to pay to park. Florida ought to thank its lucky stars that Chicago politicians never got a hold of the untapped revenue created by erecting parking garages and meters along every possible seaside street.  There were no tolls, luxury taxes, or sun enjoyment fees. There was not a single surcharge on my tan. 

On a completely separate topic, I don't believe I ever provided my full rant on how the city of Chicago ticketed mourners at a military funeral in my neighborhood a couple months back. The employee from the Department of Revenue marched up and down side streets ticketing the cars of those paying their respects to a fallen hero. The Revenue guy ignored the pleas of police and fire personnel to stop ticketing and kept right on without a hint of compassion or common sense. 

In Chicago, they get you coming, going, and everywhere in between. 

To his credit, the mayor would later rescind the tickets, but every Chicagoan is all too aware of the nickel and diming culture around here.  I suppose somebody's gotta pay for "The Bean's" upkeep. Think of all that chrome polish. 

Anyway, during one particularly glorious Florida afternoon spent inhaling free air, my husband noticed a panicked woman flailing desperately in the water. She had gotten herself past the waves and was unable to paddle her way back to shore. Joe, who denies doing anything special, quickly pulled her to safety.  A lifeguard followed up shortly behind and made sure the woman was okay.

I suppose giving a lady a hand in troubled waters was no big deal for Joe. Yet I felt for sure that this incident would represent a shift in momentum.  Perhaps our luck would finally change?

My answer came pretty quickly.

Coming up next: Marianne actually spends money at the Evil Empire (aka Disney World)


  1. Pay pay pay - so sad.
    You're having a nice long holiday, good on you.
    Your husband's wonderful to rescue that woman. I required such a thing this summer and know how grateful she would be.

  2. And then Orland ticketed the lone child survivor who was in an accident killing her parents and sister! Woops, did I throw that in there?

  3. It's interesting that people who save other people's lives are so casual about it. My friend stopped and did CPR on a fellow runner during a marathon. I had to find out from her husband. If I saved a life, I'd probably make a t-shirt proclaiming that fact.
    Your vacation may not have rewarded him, but heaven sure will.

  4. 90 degrees? I just melted...in a bad way! But then was immediately distracted and annoyed at the ticketeers!

  5. Your husband is awesome. If I didn't like mine so much, I'd insist on trading. And thank you for all your comments. I'd e-mail you personally to respond, but they keep getting kicked back.

  6. Joe is the recipient of the MBF Hero award...see post.

  7. Julie - I'm glad you made it! I'm a horrible swimmer which is why I've had my kids in lessons since they were 3...they need to learn to save themselves as mommy would take everybody down under.

    Anonymous - That is horrible. Orland Park should be ashamed.

    Jewels - the fact that your friend could physically perform CPR while running a marathon is amazing. What a hero! And I, too, would totally want a t-shirt.

    Andrea - I LOVE heat! But I'm with you on the ticketeers.

    Kirby - That's weird. I wonder if my email expired...checking into....

    Maplewood - what kind words you wrote! Thank you!