Saturday, April 28, 2012

Big & Littles

After a somewhat disappointing visit to Carbon in search of the preeminent fish taco, my husband convinced me to sally forth yet again.  I was puzzled by my reaction to Carbon's breaded fish taco.  I remembered how people throughout Chicago love their stuff.  That's when I realized that I was pretty much opposed to breaded fish in general.

It occurred to me.

22 years of Lent in an Irish Catholic household = 22 years of frozen breaded fish sticks.

I view breaded fish as a punishment.  A sacrifice.  Something to lay before the nuns as testament to my holy devotion to God. 

Now fish soaked in butter, garlic, or wine?  Entirely different story.

So next up was Big & Little's:

Sadly, the place has discontinued their famed Mahi Mahi tacos due to price constraints, but still offers a pretty decent tilapia version.  Because I volunteered to share my order, Joe went out on a limb and ordered the foie gras just to see what that was all about.  Chicago had banned foie gras years back, so we felt a little rebellious eating the forbidden fruit (or duck liver?) of Eden that is the near north side of Chicago.

For those with less sophisticated palates, foie gras just tastes like flavorless egg foo young.  Joe took one bite before he grabbed Jack's burger to get the taste out of his mouth.

Jack's hamburger, as it turned out, was one of the best hamburgers ever.  And we're hamburger people.  It was juicy and flavorful and worth going back to try again.  Jack started crying at one point about how everybody always eats his food.  We offered him some foie gras.

Despite the adventure, we still had not found that elusive perfect fish taco. 

Where to turn next? be continued..... 


  1. Love the quest! Fish sticks absolutely have their time and place!

  2. Careful... Someday Jack will write a tragic memoir about how his family stole his savory, wholesome burger and made him eat foie gras.

    Did foie gras get banned for being nasty-tasting?

  3. Pretty much my only taste of fish tacos came from Del Taco. Not good. I'd love to find a mahi mahi version. I should probably go someplace that doesn't have a drive-thru.

  4. chuckle chuckle at last post, your reply 'some things that are messy etc etc'
    Hahahaha - 'We offered him some foie gras.'
    Love your sense of humour Marianne.
    We had fish sticks every lental Friday night when I was young. I liked them then.

  5. Do you realize Marianne that you could market this quest to the XBOX people. Your quest could actually be turned into a game called, "In Search of Fish Tacos" or "I'm a Guilty it wrong?" Your family could be avatars in the game...God Damn the possibilities are endless. Oh no, I just noticed I used "God's" name in vain, I'm going straight to hell.....

  6. Andrea - Yes - a little torture is good for Lentians now and then.

    Haley - I'm counting on it! I think they force-feed the ducks for foie gras which upset the animal people.

    Jewels - Visit. Soon. I'll have Joe whip something up!

    Julie - Dipped in tartar sauce, they were a bit more manageable, right?

    Maplewood - On it. I have my lawyers drawing up the contracts as I type.