Thursday, April 26, 2012


I was at the store Tuesday Morning last week and saw these:

My heart broke along with my Tiffany's lamp 5 years ago courtesy of a boy-on-boy wrestling match.

Is it really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

Me thinks not.


  1. I feel the same about losing my Buzz Lightyear. My wife gave it away....oh and my train set that I lost in one of our yearly floods. My first house was like the deep tunnel in that everytime it rained, our house took on most of the block's water or at least I was honest enought to tell neighbors who when asked if they got any water would say, "no...not a drop, did you?" Yeah right bucko. So when we were selling the darn thing, our son was about 4 and in his cute as a button way told some prospective buyers, "yeah, everytime it rains we get more water and I lose more toys." How cute, after that we locked him in the attic when buyers came by. When they asked what the knocking noise was that was coming from the attic ceiling door, we just said, "what noise?"

  2. Sooooooo, which one did you buy?!?!?!

  3. Maplewood - Smart man. I lock the kids in the basement for far less serious infractions, but appreciate the sentiment. Sorry about your Buzz.

    Andrea - I had to walk away. I wanted them all.

    Julie - That's what I kept telling myself. I got a new kitchen towel instead.

  4. Ah yes...the many things I've loved and lost over the years. My losses come mostly from being a reforming packrat though. Each time I manage to part with something, I find I need it within the next couple of months.

    Pretty lamps. I hope you put your new one high on a sturdy shelf where nothing can happen to it. :)