Sunday, April 15, 2012

5.5 Seconds

The Blackhawks are trying to kill me.

For the 2nd consecutive playoff game, our local Chicago hockey heroes tied things up in the final seconds of regulation.  Last night, it was 5.5 seconds.  I can't even fold a shirt in 5.5 seconds let alone completely change the mood of an entire urban population. The eleventh hour theatrics, thrilling as they may be, have taken about 10 years off my life.

Now before avid readers remind me of my history of disparaging hockey on this blog, I'd like to point out that I disparage getting my kids ready for hockey.   I hate the skates, the equipment, the cost, and the cold rinks.  I also hate how all the hockey moms judge me as I yell at my kids and then turn around and try to convince me what a great sport it is (while their husbands go to battle with the skates and gear). I am usually there alone with three boys and a strong desire to drink.

But watching a bunch of hottie 19 year olds at the United Center is an entirely different story. And probably a bit creepier.

As a reminder, have a look at the cover guy in the Chicago Parent Magazine that published my first byline (click here).  Seriously.  Patrick Sharp could stop traffic on lower Wacker. 

So the Hawks will be heading home to Chicago for a Game 3. If the trend continues, I'm sensing the guys will tie things up next time with 2 seconds left.

Seriously.  I can't even sneeze in 2 seconds.


  1. "I can't even sneeze in two seconds" Hog wash! I seen you complete several sneezes in two seconds. Besides that, the Hawk 19 year olds have nothing on you. Ya' gotta love 'em though. Can hardly wait till the next game in Chicago.
    Who are they playing again...the Birds from Florida?????????

  2. I *heart* hockey, but I'm in the monority down here in the southland.

  3. I hate hockey, all I ever see is unsportsman-like fist fights on the sports news when they show the scores. If you wanna fight, be a boxer, follow some rules.

  4. I live with a sabres fan! 'Nuff said there this year!

  5. SF - Birds. Don't remind me. Damn birds.

    Kirby - another reason to move operations to Chicago!

    esbboston - it's kind of a two-in-one kinda sport that way.

    Andrea - The sport is growing on me. We're kinda goofy about our sports in Chicago. Next year?